Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1/31 - a different day indeed, COLDER

Ya know I could be watching American Idol right now, but here I am again. Letting you all know what you missed.


Compared to yesterday, today was REALLY COLD! Burning cold.

Yesterday, we didn't have a 20 knot NE wind blowing, and never relenting. But like I said, I'm gonna wear-out the last days of Trout season.

So I went back to the only spot I can "consistently" find them, and whacked my 5 keepers 15-17".
No big ones, and I had to throw back several at that spot.

But I cannot figure out why I can't find any 15 plus inchers, anywhere else in this creek system.

I caught a ton of Trout, but as soon as I leave this one area they all are small.

The whole day was different than yesterday. That wind direction made everything a struggle.

Tuesday, the wind was light from the NW.

Oh well, I can still bask in the great day I had yesterday. No pic's to share, nothing was worth taking the time to do a photo.

I guess, I'll take a break for awhile. Had loads of charter calls today, and can ya believe 2 of them were for the same days I'll be in Miami at the boat show? It never fails. I get NO vacation for several years, and as soon as I plan a very brief one (3 days), that's when people call to go.

The BORG were calling!

(and when the limit was 14" there was too many 13")

Okay, despite the cold and the wind. I went out with a bang. But just not as loud as previous years. (oh, how I long for the ole days....hahahaha)

Let's blame climate change.
Everyone else can use that excuse, why not fisherman?

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