Monday, January 22, 2007

Late Jan. Doldrums????? 1/22/07

Welcome to my new daily reports (rants & raves-observations-commentary) blog. With the new year, comes out with the old in with the new. The last report forum I had was plagued with technical problems. So I had enough of it. And opted for this format, and getting to it from just a link on my Fishing Reports page of my web site.

Well, I'm perplexed. Ever since Monday, January 15th, the Speck fishing has taken a nose dive. And if I could figure out why, I might be a millionaire. But most folks don't figure that, "we're gonna tear them up son, Capt. Dave's gonna put us on them." Yep, I certainly will, but "you can't catch'em if you don't get bit!" There's no guarantees.

Yesterday, while out solo I did see an ole acquaintance catch a monster Croaker. He said it weighed in at 4 pounds even on his boga-grip scale, and was 20-1/8th inch long. It was huge, as far as Croakers go. He kept it alive in his bait tank, and I hope he followed up finding out if it would be a new state record. It's got to be close.

Again, I tried my luck attempting to "un-lock" the secret of fishing the incoming tide with the float-rig in the river. I caught a small Sheepshead, Black Drum and a Trout....but that's far from learning the secret to momma natures flood tide vault. And then on the falling tide (new moon screaming current) many places were just "un-float-able". But I did manage 2- 18 inch, Yellowmouth and Specks, and a few throw backs. Then, the ESE winds blew hard. And blew me right on to my boat trailer and back home.

For now, I have a 'late notice' 1/2 day charter at 1pm, tomarrow. And then I have pre-booked charters on Friday and Saturday later this week. The weather report is for VERY cold mornings this weekend. And yes, because of the tide we have to leave at the crack of dawn.
Bundle up folks!

And here we go again. I always like to go out of January with a bang. I want to teach the local population of big Trout, who's to be reconded with. Just before the February closure, for harvest. It's a personal thing, I'm always setting goals. I can only hope by this weekend, we'll be able to do just that.

Heck, it was just two weeks or so ago. I sat along the Mayport Jetties and had numerous 18" to 26" (up to 6 pound) Speckled Trout just rippin' my float down, and a few slot Reds that I left biting!

I guess since this report blog is kind of hidden away amongst my "real" web site pages it may not get the views that the ole forum did, but that's okay with me. I just want my customers to know where they can track each days trips. On an always updated format without ads for Viagra or get rich quick schemes, getting in the way.

I always feel most Fishing Guide's reports are filled with fish jumping in the boat, exaggerated lies, and you should have been here yesterday antidotes. But is that really the way fishing is? Not really. I like reports that cover..."the good, the bad, and yes even the UGLY".

All I can say is......check here often, to get up to date info on what's happening. And then you've done your part, I'll do the rest.

Hope to have you aboard soon,
Capt Dave