Monday, February 19, 2007

2/19/07 - After the big Blow

That was some serious wind yesterday, huh?

Gale force gusts, in conjunction with some nice strong tides made for 'NO' water as I went over the ICW-Wonderwood Bridge and looked over the side as I always do while going and coming from B&M bait and tackle. The "ditch" was dry! A heavy duty west wind and a very low tide, made for some big time exposed shoreline.

I had to hurry up and get to B&M because I no sooner get home and had to pro-cure bait for a Monday charter, that I booked while walking the Miami Beach Convention Center halls, with Sam Kennedy who called and wanted to go fishing with 3 of his buddies.

The rush to B&M bait and tackle was because when there's seriously cold (hard Freeze type weather) You can bet there was NO live shrimp delivery in days. The shrimp just bury up, and no one catch's any. So I hoofed it quickly over there to get some for Today's charter and Tuesdays charter. I have keeping them warm, comfortable and alive for days down pat, thru obvious trial and error of many years. My secret "a heating pad"....yep, the same thing you may use on a bum knee, with a good slathering of BenGay.

And ya'll think, us fishing guides just go get bait, because it's always plentiful and just show up to go fishing in the morning huh?'s far from that many days in the "deep" winter. Babying bait, rushing to get bait before it's all gone, having a really tight relationship with the manager of the bait shop, and getting up at 3am to check on them is all things I have to do. And I did a lot of it last spring when no one was catching many shrimp. And then there's those holiday weekends and live shrimp are scarce, and people call and have no idea what hoops I have toi jump thru to make sure we have bait to use. But all that is another story.

Today, after yesterdays huge blow. And not fishing since last Thursday. I couldn't believe how fast the tide moved out today. I picked up Sam and three of his buddies at 11:30am to fish the falling tide all day.

And we float rig fished to start. And one spot produced...even though the tide was great. Low tide in the late part of the afternoon, perfect timing for a chilly day.

We caught a bunch of what you see in the picture. Small "pup" reds. And them had a double header of a pupper and a 23 incher. Our only keeper fish of the day.
I tried some clams at the jetties and just plain bottom fished. Good ole Bait-N-Wait fishing. hell. And the 4 guys aboard would agree. We had a few "pecks" but no Sheepshead which was the target species. So we stayed at the jetties and went back to Float Rig fishing and caught way too many small bluefish. (We never got any brown water)

It wasn't the festival I was wanting, of course. But on a short notice trip, and me not knowing what the deal would be, we did okay and caught a few fish, most were just very small.

Now, tomarrow it's a company group charter, 4 boats.

Man was it a beautiful day today though, it remained cool, but the wind went away, and the sun was nice and bright.....the waters still very cold though.

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