Thursday, March 15, 2007

3/15 - Not a great day for the Speck Hunter...but rather the 'spot' Hunter

Ya wanna talk WIND,
I can tell ya all about wind!
Man, it was either just one hell of a blazing "sea-breeze" or just the start of this front coming through that would give ya' a rash on your face like road burn with out the pebbles stuck to your skin. all I can say, as my face is still burning.
As you can see, I caught Fish. And I mean I caught some fish! For the kind of day it was.
I left out at 12:30pm and was back to the dock at 5:00pm. But first I went to the jetties...."Huge Mistake", because I didn't catch but one Trout, a real nice 20 incher. But the tide wasn't gonna be coming in and be 1/2 up (the way I wanted it) for a while. And the sheepherders out there are unreal.
(ALERT...ALERT, I sense a commentary brewing)
Do those fish ever get a break? I still haven't figured all that out yet. And we surely are celebrating the fact that this part of Florida "isn't" main stream Florida, with the Sheepshead declared the "King of inshore fish". I was really getting kinda sick of it after two days of reminders this last week. 1st - I was in the bait shop, and a long time acquaintance says, "are ya getting those Sheepshead?" I said, "you know, I don't target them, Jimmy." "What? Why not? Damn, Dave....bla....bla...bla...Then what the hell do ya fish for?" 2nd - I was getting gas at a station in Mayport, and I see the ole manager of the bait shop I go to with his wife.
We talked about how slow the pumps are, when he says...."ya getting on them Sheepshead?"
I don't have to tell you my responses. (end of commentary)
So to continue the way today went. I ran west from the jetties and right then the wind started howling. And it just got windier as the day went on. But, as I got inshore I found the tide REALLY LOW....I mean, so low that I was shocked. But not disappointed. There was white caps blowing across the top of the water up in the shallows, though.
And of course the falling tide was about over and even though the current was "bucked" by the SE wind, it barely had enough power to move my Float-Rig, which I was amazed.
I had up in 2-3 feet of water...
6-Redfish, mostly puppers, up to the one pictured that was 27 inches, and was BEAUTIFUL and donned a total of 28 spots (those tandem spots were really unique, huh?)
3- Trout total, a 20 incher at the Jetties, and a 20 incher (pictured) and a 16 incher, up in the shallows. I really wanted to find more of them, but I was a bit restricted, by the 25 kt Gusts!!!
5 - Flounder.....Man, do I wish I brought some ICE!!!!! All 5 were 16-20 inches and very fillet-able.
So, here I go. Starting a whole months worth of charters in a matter of the next two weeks, starting tomorrow. Yeah, you got that right, tomorrow it's supposed to rain. HEY, I DON'T PICK THE DAYS!!!!!!!!
Then on Saturday it's suppose to be 20 knots from the north, and get cold. (just a reminder that it's March not June!!)
You can easily see here on this Blog page. I don't pick them for myself, either. I just GO every other day with or without a charter. Some days are more challenging then others, but for me it's a walk in the park no matter what the weather compared to what it is for a total novice. I can't wait to see what the next 6 days in a row will be like. Some how I always get into this kind of schedule. I hear it's spring break??
Just remember...
It's Just Fishin'.

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