Sunday, March 18, 2007

3/18 - Quick time tide......

Had Chuck R. and two boys out today. They were here along with all the girls for a Cheer leading competition down town. And as Chuck said; "We are not hanging around to watch all that...."
So we left out in the cold and I mean C-O-L-D, NNE winds, to see what the boys could catch.
I, was having flash backs. Flash back memories of February, more like the first week of February.
Because the cold wind burned as we ran down the river at even 9am.
And once on location I just had a feeling it was gonna take a long while to warm up...and it did.
I stayed in my heavy fleece Grundens fisherman's jacket, with a fleece vest underneath, and insulated slicker pants all the way till almost 3pm. Can't imagine how the 3 of them felt in light sweatshirts.
The tide finally started falling. And they caught some Trout, mostly small ones with maybe a few keepers thrown in. Then moved and picked up a few small pupper Reds, and more smaller Trout, and a Flounder, then went back to the Redfish spot again and caught some more small Reds. Then went into the river and went to a spot HIGHLY affected by the wind and caught zero.......then went back in to the same creek and caught a Bluefish and 3 Flounder at dead low tide, plus plenty of those bait stealing yella perch.
And man was it low. The falling tide is a negative 1 foot, and the High tide was a 5.0 foot so we're looking a a 6 foot tide, and when it gets low, it gets low. But I'm sure it could have been lower, if the NNE wind possibly wasn't holding the tide in the river.
BUT...we never hooked a big fish all day. Anchoring was a struggle in the wind, staying on the spot, and of course the boys were just learning to fish.
They all had a big time, but I wanted to get some bigger fish for Chuck, the adult avid fisherman. But no matter what we did I just couldn't find a spot that was BIG fish friendly in the NNE wind.
The boys including Chuck caught some fish and learned A LOT, because Chucks fishes the Gulf, and our tides were definately new to him.
The forecast is really unbelievable for the rest of the week. East winds projected, and at least 10-15 knots. I hope, maybe one day out of all of these reserved during "spring break for kids", I'll get a comfortable day on the water.
I have some Amelia Island customers Tuesday, and I think I'm just going to pick them up that way, and fish there. I certainly do not know it as well, but at least I'll be working my way towards my goal of knowing the area a lot better.
Have Ole Carl B. (the hog farmer) and his son, the neighbor and his son tomorrow. (like I said, it's Kids week with spring break from school) I can't wait to get some of that organically raised pork, in sausage, bacon, and Boston butt form.

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