Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4/18 - Is this really April?????

Not much to report, lately.

VERY SMOKEY....because of all the fires, again.
That ain't FOG in this photo. And there's nothing wrong with my camera either.
I'm absolutely dieing to try something different. Bored with the same ole thing, and since the tide was coming in and almost high by the time I got bait and dropped the boat in the water. I went to Mill Cove. Yep, I went to where I used to catch a lot of fish on MirrOlures. Up under the high tension wires. And I went all the way in and fished the last towers, and pitched a Cajun Thunder clicker float and micro shrimp over those massive oyster bars under the power lines.
NOT A SINGLE BITE! Although I witnessed leaping Flounder. And more than just one.
So obviously there was something with gills & scales up in there besides just big Mullet jumping. I was starting to get a real short fuse after not even giving a micro-shrimp away to a pinfish.

Now that the 45 knot winds have gone away. I assume it really screwed up the fishing. After Mill Cove, I ran down river to a spot that I can't hardly figure out when it has good current most of the time, but found it had water movement today.
If it does, it usually holds some serious Trout. Instead I had my ass handed to me by a Big Red, up under a dock....that eventually straightened my small hook. Then about 10 drifts later I got it's lil' Brother, a 18 inch Redfish. And not a single Trout.
The smoke from the Georgia Fires was intense, and made a probably decent day seem like a cloudy one. But before I go any further let me also say it was, COLD and windy at times!

The weather Guessers said it was going to be:

5-10 knots - Light & Variable winds.

The real question is, is this actually mid April??
Today, it felt like March 1st, as I wore a rain jacket all day. Because of the chill in the air.
Then, I lost all my current and I moved on. I was stuck. Stuck down river with no current, and no where to really go till the tide changes and started to fall.

Before I left this morning, I had to wait around for live shrimp to arrive at the bait shop, and after almost 2 hours of waiting, it arrived at 9am. And they turned out to be 1 inch shrimp. Yes, I waited almost 2 hours for shrimp so small they weren't worth using.

So I headed back to regular stomping grounds, and caught 3 small 14-3/4 inch Trout.

And two hours later a 3 pound Jack.
What a waste of time. Obviously, those huge winds we just had, did some damage. Because I wasn't the only one, not catching. I never went to the jetties, I figured it was probably a soup sandwich out there too. The water in the river was dirty enough.

Now, I have charters on Friday and Saturday and the weather report is all about the wind. Who cares about temp. or the sun. 15-20 knots of wind will keep ya on your toes, enough.

Honestly, I've had it better in the middle of February than I do now. But no one wants to go in February......because they actually believe the fishing is no good and it's too cold. When in all reality they have it all backwards. About this point, I'll take winter all over again. I caught more and had to put up with less knuckle-heads, out on the river.

If you were out there on the water today too, you'd probably wonder if it was really April too.

Let's face it, look back in these January and February's reports...there I am out all by myself doing R&D taking pictures, of better fish than in this March & April. Because customers are afraid to go. Ya' don't have to be a biologist to know that the winter is Jacksonville's Best inshore fishery!
Maybe soon we'll get back to some decent spring weather....Before it's May??
But this weekend doesn't look like it will happen.

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