Monday, April 2, 2007

4/2 - Species include Green Sea Turtle

Whewwww....I be wore out!
But had a fun day with Mike and Gary today. Always good to see them again.
They did a sampling of species today. Speckled Trout, Yellowmouth Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, and a lil Green Sea Turtle we'll called, "Goat Roped". But now is afraid of Float fisherman....hahahah...
Although the wind was light to moderate, I thought as we pulled up on at the jetties we were gonna be into them. Mike right off the bat hooks a big Yellermouth, and then right afterwards a Sheepshead. And that was it. The incoming tide quit. We had no current. So we kept trying.
Moved around, re-anchored, and still nothing. I even caught some Mullet and put them in my second live well. Only to feed a big nasty Bluefish.
On the full moon the tide falls and falls fast, but not on the banks. It falls, but produces no real current. But look out in the middle of the river and the tide is screaming. The best example of a full moon tide is when you have a full pool. So full it's outside the rim of the pool on the grass. When you go down and pull the plug...the water goes out but you do not see that whirlpool till the waters half gone. And that's the way it is at the jetties and in the river many times on a full moon. The current really comes and you feel it everywhere, when the tides at least half out.
That being said, we bagged it and headed inshore. Caught a nice Speck at a spot that should have given up 4-5 of them, then moved to my staple "go to" spot. And instantly had Reds and a Flounder and some small trout. Good action for awhile and then all of a sudden the tide was super low and we were sitting anchored in a pool of water left.
The rest of the pics are on Catch page 8 of my recent catch pages.
I hate comparing things to last year, but there's a place "I GOTTA GET TOO", and fish it hard.
Because this time last year it was BIG Trout and Reds...doing the "Snap-crack-pop" with your line.
But it can't be done on a full moon tide, I need a slower tide at regular fishing hours, to try it.
Plus I have a new G. Loomis 9 foot float rigging rod I really want to try there, if those reds show up under a certain dock. Because this rod will put them in their place!
Next up tomorrow is two Jr. Anglers a dad is dropping off with me. 13 & 16 years old??
This will certainly be different.
Gary, I found your shirt!

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