Saturday, April 28, 2007

4/28 - Saturday, Float Freakin'? And it felt so good.

#1- too all the people who called me about a Saturday charter and "tire kicked" their way right out of a trip or "cheaped" themselves out of a fishing day.....This is what YOU missed!

#2 - If I could find these fish, on a Saturday that was like a "conehead-a-rama" on the river. God help them on a weekday!
Went out to fish by myself on the low tide (the only tide worth fishing anymore) and had 10-Speckled Trout from 18-24 inches. My 5 Trout limit with the one over 20 inches that was a 23 incher, then released 5 more ranging from 19-24 inches. And one baby Gag Grouper, all on one spot, a very good spot. NO PINFISH, NO LADYFISH, NO JACKS, NO BLUES.....NO JUNKFISH AT ALL.
This was ONLY a falling tide fishery, we have around here I guess. With zero rain, time of year, these fish want LOWER salinity. And that doesn't mean an incoming salty tide!

Man, what a great 4 hours!

Although some seriously handicapped weekenders thought by getting closer to me meant that they too could catch QUALITY Trout like this with tourist-rigs and stink-bait, they were sadly mistaken. But they got to watch.

Filleted de-boned and skinned my 5 Trout filled a Gallon Bag. Momma's gonna like these.
This is what makes being a FLOAT FREAK, worth it!
coming up this week:
Another Group-multiboat, half day.....and Dave C. (a regular) from Maryland.

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