Saturday, May 19, 2007

5/19 I'm 'KING" of the short notices....but it sure worked out!

While I was out yesterday fishing by myself....."getting a little Float Freak on" when I got a call from Sean R. (or is it...Shaun R. on the right end in pic.) never found out.
And he had a late notice trip, and needed to take guest's from his company from Thailand, fishing.

So being open on Saturday, because most sane people would think the winds blowing too hard...(I'm one of them.) I said, "sure I can take ya'll, but the winds gonna be HONKIN'."

So we met at 8am at the boat ramp and headed again as far away as I can from Mayport.

Right to where I fished yesterday. We pulled up and there was another boat there. And they didn't seem to be catching anything, either. And right off the bat..."I.G." - Instantaneous Gratification! A nice fat Trout.

The wind was HEINOUS!!!!!!

Just as I thought it would be. 25 knots from again the ENE.......I wish my dream would come true. (see yesterdays report for explanation).
Of course I can't have 4 people all float-rigging at one time. But for first timers they all did really good. Drifting back to many oyster covered pilings where the specks love to hang out.
They all picked up the drifting of a float really fast and Sean was the super hero. Hooking his first trout within seconds of passing a piling.

They caught 7 real nice fat Trout some Ladyfish & Blues, with a few hours of sitting in the nasty wind.

One spot is all we had to go to. It was great. We did basically a half day, when there's no way in my mind that we'd do as good as we did on just one spot, and in a matter of just 2+ hours of fishing there. The ride too and from was long and windy. But ya have to go where the Trout are, if ya wanna catch any.

Not one single throw back on this spot. I didn't even have to measure them. Largest was 20 inches. Sean's guests had a ball. And everyone was pleased with the I.G. they had.

Man, sometimes ya just either get lucky, or just make good choices. I don't know what today was. But either way, I have done my homework. And that's the factor that really helps the most. Float-rigging "catches fish", and these folks have never ever fished a float rig before. And they were SOLD.

Thanks Sean. I'm glad it all worked time give me 2 days heads up. And we may really kill'em. Wind or not.

Here's their recent catch page pics:

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