Monday, May 21, 2007

5/21 - Finally, a damn near perfect day!!!!!

FINALLY, a windless day. Or at least damn near windless, where we were. This morning the river was S-L-I-C-K. I felt as if I was on another planet. I keep super records. My logs are as complete as this blog page. And the last day I experienced like this one fish and weather wise was WAY back on April 4th.
Since then I have fought the weather every single day I've been on the river or at the jetties.
I picked up Jerry & Nino Trotti at the Sisters Creek boat ramp at 7am, and when we arrived on the first spot it was pure heaven. Not a soul around, no wind and the Trout were chewin'.
Nino and Jerry caught Trout after Trout. And I caught a pup Black Drum. And of course amongst all their fish they did have some of the summer scourges. Blues and Ladyfish.
I'm sure these guys had a ball. Nino caught the WHOPPER. A 5+ pounder, while we fished for Flounder, on the incoming tide. They didn't get any Flounder though. But with a big fattie like that ripped from the back-side of a piling and busting the surface. They didn't have to catch a Flounder!
I said to Nino, "man ya better buy a lottery ticket tonight, because you're lucky". The fish smacked the hell out of his live shrimp as his "float-rig" slid through some dock pilings and around the back side. It was an epic battle, as the fish really smoked him and he had to give it all he had to get the fish into clear water.
The Trout are chewin pretty good. But it can always be a lot better also. If we just had about 10 inches of rain at one time, the salinity would go down and the Specks would really go nuts. I'd almost suffer through a flood of some kind to actually bring the fishing to where I wish it was.
The river is still just an extension of the Ocean. The salinity level was better today. But still high.
Go here to see the rest of the pics, and to see the fish they we kept today:
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