Thursday, June 14, 2007

6/14 - did some figuring

And the first Honda outboard I saw at the Miami International Boat Show was a 25hp, then a 45hp the next year....and that was back in 1990-91??


Ya know, I just received an email yesterday that was asking if business's were effected by the "fire storm of 2007" named by those stupid News channels on TV.
As reported, business' were feeling the effect. And the agency that sent the email stated that they were NOW going to put up on their web site that the fires have no effect on Jacksonville's tourism.

I responded, "Isn't it a little too late now??" since they were asking my opinion.

But all that prompted me to do something I have not done in a long while. So I broke out all my bills, cost sheets, and did my best tabulations. I know many of you out there think, "hey fishing guides are not like a company, or a real business, they are guys who are wealthy and just like to fish, and charge me way too much to go on private charters" .

No, that's not anywhere near the truth.

Here's what I came up with: (you can tell I'm really busy huh?)

CHARTER OPERATIONAL COSTS: (June 2007 bases on charter average)
With 100 % profit - (you'll read why at the end.)

#1 Fuel for boat – average usage per trip inshore 10 gal. @ $3.00 per gal. = $30

100% - $60

#2 Tackle costs - broke down yearly per trip $25.00

100% - $50.00

#3 Boat insurance - vessel insured and $300,000.00 Liability per trip $20.00

100% - $40

#4 Truck/ tow vehicle Fuel and trailer maintenance cost , per trip $25.00

100% - $50

#5 Boat cost, plus maintenance $50 per trip

100% - $100

#6 Bait & Ice per trip $25 (average day)

100% - $50

#7 Captain / Labor, figuring just hours of fishing (6 hrs) @ $25 per hr. (not prep or after trip IE: fish cleaning, boat cleaning, travel time etc.)

100% - $150

#8 Advertising, minimum of $25 per trip

100% - $50

Based on a 100% profit to offset bad weather, hurricanes, presidential election years, wars, stock market crashes, blown-up engines, slow mechanics, un-employment rates etc.........
Total: $550

Charter pricing averages $350 to $450 a day.

Empty Nesters spending "quality time" with the son's or daughters while fishing .....PRICELESS!

Simply put, the less charters that are done per a season or year, the higher the price will be. The more charters that are done the less the price will be. Just as I do with regulars who fish with me many times a year.

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