Friday, August 10, 2007

8/10 - World Tour

Had Paul Heck and his son Alex aboard today. The perfect charter, two passengers. Where if need be I can run from here and there, without any problems and try this or try that without doing a seminar.

So I had big plans of trying Amelia island for some Trout. But as we headed there via Lake Atlantic......Lake Atlantic sure did have a swell coming from the south east, being pushed back from the NW breeze.....and yes it was a decent breeze too! The whole thing didn't "FEEL" as good as the last trip two days ago I made up here. Got on my first spot and Alex gets a royal butt kicking from a.....5 pound Jack. Remember now, not everyone is as salty as us local fisherman, so the Jack is teaching Alex a thing or two about fish fighting on Light Tackle.

But RIGHT NOW, is when I expected to start seeing a trout get hooked up. Instead, I think the guys catch another Jack or two. So we moved on. The tide was low about 8am, so we went to spot #2. And there is where we picked-up a Trout or two. Not the big ones that usually roam the area, but keepers. Loosing a few more, and catching a Jack and Ladyfish. We moved on again.

I went looking for that Tarpon spot where we hooked one a few days before and anchored up. Jacks, and a few bit off leaders probably from small sharks. Never saw the first Tarpon roll.

Back to the jetties we headed. Tried there, and never lost a bait....Damn it's dead low tide, 105 degrees, yes it's summer doldrums....FULL BORE!! Just think, in 3 months from now it'll be a whole notha' story!

Went to another spot and there sat Larry "the fishman" Finch. Guess I ain't going there, so we moved up to another spot. Gave it a few drift without a bite and moved on again.

DO YA GET THE TITLE OF THIS REPORT YET. YES, WE'RE DOING THE WORLD TOUR......and I was trying big time just to get a bite or two at this time.

So off to the shipyard. "Let's try fishing some shady spot." "And by that I mean shady for the fish...not us." Getting our float, up and under the pier there. Where they are chillin' out.

So minutes later Paul and Alex are into the Jacks again. It wasn't easy to get up and under that pier of the shipyard. But do-able. So after awhile we decided to call it a day.

But before we did that I wanted to try a a drift. I pitched back to the docks pilings covered in barnacles, with ropes and pipes and all kinds of crap in the water. I let it rip.....and get up under the dock way into the shade. The fish hide under there, and they stage up behind the pilings.

Bamm....I feel the bite rather than watching my float go down, and I rip a 20" Speck from under the dock. I try again, and rip another Trout from under the dock, an 18 incher. I bet I could have caught my 5 fish Speckled Trout limit right here. But decided to leave it be.

Paul and Alex saw how it was done, but I didn't and don't expect everyone to be able to fish a spot like this like I can. The difficulty level is up there.....about a 7 or 8 on a 1-10 scale.

Either way they had enough for supper. And planned on taking their catch to Singletons Seafood to be cooked for them. Cold Beers, and fresh fried Trout, and a big day fishing in some brutal heat, spells relaxation time.

Tomorrow......3 boat charter. A group of guys in for a past customers wedding.

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