Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes folks, and I have a charterThursday with some of my favorite regulars all the way from California. I hope stuff goes away. Gale force winds......sustained. Not just gusting.
Winds: 25-30++ knots from the North East

I think winter is here, finally. I love the fishing now, but of course can do without a week of fronts.

Either way, if you live on the coast here in J-ville you've seen the super high water at high tide maybe. It's mega-high-water!! I live with my backyard facing and not far from Chico-pit bay (at the ICW and river crossing) I drive over the Wonderwood and Mt. Pleasant creek bridges daily. And I almost stopped to take some photos today at high tide......but instead I figured you'd be better off checking out how the real folks with real daily tides live.

Yeah our tides maybe 7' plus right now, with the wind helping the tide push up the river. But how would ya like to live where the tide is 35 plus feet yearly, day-in, day out?

A different kinda life style, I'd say. You better be close so you can check those dock lines. And of course the boat ramp is probably only crowded a few hours each day.

I think I'd fit right in. And aluminum boats would be popular, here.
(I think they are)
I'd probably forget to lift up my engine though!
And I hear people say they can't get used to fishing our tides and current??
The current here is
On the east coast we have 2 high tides and 2 low tides per day, so can you imagine fishing in all that water leaving twice a day?
I wonder if people ask those goofy questions here....."what tide is better, the falling or the incoming?"
According to the fella who lives there and took the photos say.."you never fight the current, always fish and boat with it."
Have ya guessed where this is yet?


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