Sunday, October 7, 2007

10/7 - Bottom Action

Awoke this morning to pouring what's new? Loaded up the boat with not a great feeling in my gut, because of the wet stuff. But as it got later the rain went away, and it was a fine morning with no one around on the river. A nice way to spend a Sunday in October.

Had The Mathy's on board from SW Florida.....Naples. Where the Snook and Goliath Grouper reign supreme. Had plans to hit some of the same spots as yesterday and get some Trout in the boat.
But as the day progressed, the action was on the bottom. They caught some Pup Drum, lots of Croakers, chunky Sea Bass, and a really nice Sheepshead. The first of the season.

Tried some Float rigging but where I was it seemed the Trout all disappeared, and where I wanted to Float-rig was windy as hell, so we ended up hiding on a spot way up river that was literally a Mangrove Snapper colony of colossal proportion! Every single drift of the float was nailed by this scourge fish... (it's 6" Bluefish in the spring, and now Mangrove Snappers in the fall) add in a few small Grouper of course.
Just like yesterday the wind started and got ferocious as the day progressed, so we went back to spot #1 and picked up another Drum to wrap up the day. A day that only included some small Yellowmouth Trout caught on the bottom, and of course some big Croakers.

I may be running past the Trout, while loosing track of them since the huge rains and wind had me stuck at home for days.
Either way a successful day, and everyone had fun. And they had some really nice fillets for a fish fry.

Next up for me is a Tuesday solo angler day. I may have to use that as a Hunt for the Speckley Bastards day, if the weather allows.
I know where I can catch some really nice ones on a low tide, but the problems is that the last few days low tide is when it's the windiest part of the day. If I had a low in the morning I could sit on that spot and probably get some big ones and make the fish box look really good.
But this 20 knot wind every single day at noon is getting old quick. Preventing me from using my Float rigging talents, effectively.

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