Monday, November 12, 2007

11/11 - Patience was a virtue...with river traffic & high winds.

See this video? It reminds me of the St. Johns River on weekends.....

It's actually a video of a Hummer going down the street in Iraq. Fire power and armor plate is what I guess makes "everyone" get the hell outa the way??? YEAH, I DO WISH IT WAS MORE LIKE THIS WHEN THEY SEE MY "RIVER HUMMER" COMING!

Oh well, besides the wakes, the tugs, and inconsiderate's on the river (even in the no wake zones) the high N.E. winds played havoc with us today. Actually it was pretty nice at 8am at the boat ramp, and still nice at 10am when Taylor and Jamie met me there.

But as the day went on the sun went away and the wind blew harder. I guess it was a cold front passing thru. Damn, I worked hard as hell to get them on the Trout that I got on Friday. But adding the fact that there was so much traffic, and the wind, every place I went was a struggle or was already fished by someone.

We'd anchor up and would be hanging by a finger nail, and someone would wake us and we'd go flying away in the wind. All the while I was either re-rigging, getting out a snag, or having to stand ready to start up and move away from the rocks we were about to drift into.

I really need to go far away on weekends, and especially need to on the up coming Holiday's. Which means more fuel, and time used to just get away from what I refer to as the St. Johns River HUB, (from the jetties to the Dames Point area) because that's where the most traffic and people are. Because it's close to all the ramps. Same reason I'm there. I'll have to make a concerted effort to get away from the Hub.

We struggled and only had 4 Specks, a lost fish or two and a Mangrove Snapper. Two of the Trout were in the 20 inch range, and the other were 16-18". I knew things were getting worst, rather than better when I went to a few spots that we could hardly get a bite. And they should have been covered up with Specks.

That's this time of the year for ya'. I was just out on Friday when we had the NW light winds and had zero problems catching all the Specks I wanted, as I fished the same tide.

But I hope these two guys will fish with me again some day, because I tried to teach them as much as I could about Float-rig fishing, even though the conditions weren't perfect.

You have to think about it like this, "what would it have been like if we were out attempting to fly fish on this same day?" Probably even worse! Back when I had my 17' Carolina Skiff I took Fly fisherman out in the fall on windy days. They might have been very accomplished casters, but it still turned out to be a "few" fish day.

I stopped second guessing myself long ago. I go with what I know, and love. And my hope is that people have fun learning while doing...No matter what the conditions are.

Looks like Tuesday is the next "calm" day. I still have some Shrimp in the live well, actually mini Lobster size shrimp. So I may run north and give a few spots a try in preparation for the Thanksgiving week inside the HUB. Here's Wedesdays report as of right now:

WEDNESDAY WEST WINDS 5 TO 10 KNOTS. SEAS 2 TO 3 FEET. INLAND WATERS A LIGHT CHOP. - "Looks like this is gonna be the day to go!"

We did poke our nose's toward the jetties, as I left the dock. The wind was really whipping, man there's got to be some good fish (Trout) stacking up out there. But every time I go to check it out it's really nasty conditions.

I don't know if I believe it, but my temp gauge read 65 degrees during the afternoon up in the shallows. Still a false kinda reading, being just the surface temp. I believe it's warmer down deep still. Because just last week it read 70 degrees.

Taylor, (the fella with the foul weather jacket on) is a Blog Reader, and it made me very happy
when he told me that he likes this my blog because it's always updated, and hardly a day or two goes by without a report. I appreciated the comment. Because I work hard to keep everyone informed and educated on what's happening. This Blog has become a habit, if I don't write something about fishing, my day feels incomplete.

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