Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11/20 - My Motto is.....

After a sort of frustrating afternoon, fighting the tide. And bottom fishing along the jetty rocks, I told Charley & Brett my fishing motto (which has been posted on the bottom of this blog page, that no one ever notices.) So we packed it up and got on the heavy duty float rig rods, and got on a Redfish bite, like no tomorrow.

But earlier this morning, we bottom fished along the rocks and had a decent time, catching 4 Drum, and a monster Croaker. Along with a bunch of misc. bait snatchers.
Around noon the current was so blasting we couldn't even stay anchored up inside the jetties. The Full Moon, is fast approaching with a wierd swell. So when the tide did slow down, we watched another boat do all the big Black Drum catching. While we sat, with hardly a bite.....straight into the incoming tide too, and we still couldn't score!

So that's when I said, "ya know, when every instinct ya have is wrong, then the opposite must be RIGHT", which is my fishing motto. And that meant since the green tide water was starting to flow, I had a place in mind to hit, because our day wasn't done just yet! I broke out the big 8' G. Loomis BUCARA rods, matched up with Shimano Tekota 300's, a 2oz. trout lead, and a 2 oz Salmon Stalker float. My "HD" Float-rig rods! I love these rigs, the feel of confidence reigns supreme, when you have one in your hands. So we fished up tight to the rocks, and didn't get bit. Oh No! So try the opposite...right? And that's all it took to HIT PAY DIRT.
One big bad beautiful Redfish after another. All I had to do is make a small adjustment, in our depth and drift. Everyone got chances on getting their drag burned after the float-rig and live shrimp passed over a certain spot. The same spot I couldn't even think about getting my anchor near on Sunday, because of a homesteading Sheepsherd....(and if they only knew what my Float magic can do there.) If you remember reading my last report, you'll probably remember how frustrated I was with the weekender crowd. But what can ya do...it's a zoo out there on weekends.

The Reds were ferocious, it was a classic bite. Soon as the float went over a certain spot it went down, Fast! The guys caught 10 back to back before we called it quits. The nice thing about sending a float out drifting is that anyone can do it, and the spot where they are is easily marked. Charley's youngest son, 10 years old had no problem sending the float out, but he needed a hand when it came to getting these big fish to the boat, though. I like helping the kids fish, and want so badly for them to have a good time, while learning to be a good fisherman. I wasn't nearly as lucky as some of the kids I get on my boat. I never went on a private charter with a guide. So when I have them out with me, I want them to have a really good time.

We easily boxed our limit of 4 just under 27"
and released the rest. When it's good it's really good out there at the inlet right now, I just have trouble being patient sometimes. I like to keep things "happening". Because I always feel, that is what people expect. But sometimes ya just have to sit through the slower parts of the day, so to get to the better parts of the day. Which means working and waiting for the right current or waiting on the tide to change.

Please check this link:
to see the rest of the photos of today's catch.

One thing that makes ya feel good is that after our big day, with loads of fish cleaning. After I got home and was washing the boat off. Charley called me and said he just wanted to thank me again for the great day, and that he'll definitely be back again. Hey, that's all I can ever ask for. It's like I told Charley earlier in the day, whatever we catch or don't catch....at least here on my boat we'll die trying!

It's that time of the year again, when everyone waits till the last minute to try and reserve their trips. All I can say is "early bird gets to fish on the prime days", so plan ahead! (2 wks. to 30 days)
This is the time of year also that the wintery "fronts" come about 3- 4 days apart. So there's a smaller window of good weather.

A bit of planning, meaning checking the forecast, and giving me a call well in advance, can certainly help your success rate. Weekdays when ever possible also will help your success rate, so we don't have to fish an area that's been beat by 5 other people before we get there. The St. Johns River sure does seem small, on a Saturday or Sunday, or a Holiday anymore.

It was a beautiful day today, that the forecast was for EAST winds, and to tell ya the truth, the winds were so light, I never even noticed which direction it was from. The perfect temperature, sunny skies and other than that current in the river. It was one fine day!

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