Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12/10 - After weekend whoa's

Holy, blank fish finders Batman! What a crappy day I had today. And I was so looking forward to a Monday, when the river isn't like I-95 before Thanksgiving.
All ya had to do is go to B&M bait and tackle and observe the traffic going through there to realize, EVERYONE WHO OWNED A BOAT WAS GOING, this weekend. Due to the flat calm conditions.

So I laid back, held on and waited my turn....till Monday, after the crazy weekend blitz of people. I had such "high hopes", because the tide was in my favor on a favorite spot(s), where in the winter I wackz them good and hard 99.95% of the time. Last day I caught the tide perfectly on this same spot(s) was November 14th and here was the outcome:

Not too shabby, huh?

Yeah it was a calm cool day, a Wednesday. No one around, just me and Nick out filling two 72 qt coolers, plus releasing just as many!

Well, today I never had a bite at the same places on the exact same kind of tide. Except from Bluefish and a few other assorted bait snatchers.

There's the ole saying, "sometimes you eat the Alligator, and sometimes the Alligator eats YOU!

Or when I have a charter, they always say; "that's why they call it fishing, huh?" And of course I know, they just picked a really lousy day, out of 365!!

Well, I don't believe in such theories, really. Those un-scientific ones, like an ole "saying". I work triple hard and stick it out to the very end and do all I can to make it turn around till I'm totally beat, and mentally FRIED! And this is what I did today, and eventually caught one 19" Trout, some Bluefish, a puffer on a MirrOlure, and of course the Mangos are still out in force on ever single rock in the river. (our now resident Mango's)

I truly believe and from my experience, which I have no technical data to back up except for a lot of days in pursuit of Trout alone, that when we have a seriously wacky Barometer, the fish that swim up in the water column, turn off FIRST. Unlike the bottom dwellers, IE: Flounder, Reds, Drum, etc. But I couldn't catch any of those either!! I tried.

The first thing I did notice is my live shrimp. Usually they are in up the bucket swimming around when I get them from the bait shop and are putting them in my live well. Today they weren't. They, all 6 dozen of them were laying in a pile on the bottom of the bucket not moving. I had to stick my hand in there and move them around to check if they were alive!

Then in my live well, they are usually up and swimming around, again......laying on the bottom. Hmmmmmm.....things that make ya think a bit.

Another thing I noticed is that I saw no "fuzz" on my screen anywhere I went. Fuzz is defined as "bio-mass" aka: "Life on the bottom". I fished my spots hard and tried everything, while looking at a blank "12 inch screen" with a single red line as the bottom, on my color sounder. No schools of bait, no fuzz, no piles of Croakers, no glass minnows.......nothing.

But the funny thing is that the bait-stealers are still out in force, although they could have been worse. Nothing turns them off. As I made casts with a jig-n-shrimp up to the jetty rocks, and had zero bites I'd end up sticking the rod in the holder and letting it sit on the bottom, eventually they'd find it and tiny lil snatchers would eat the shrimp off the hook. If I was a beer drinker still, it would have been a good day to sit back, watch the rod jiggle while the snatchers got a free meal and ate a bag of Ruffles potato chips!

Here's a chart of the Barometer from 12/7-12/11 on the bottom and the pressure along the side. Look at the barometer between 12/10 at 00 hrs and 12/10 1200 hrs ....."up and down up and down".

So if the "general rule" is :

*Rising Barometer: Fishing is Best
*Rapidly Fluctuating: Indication of good fishing (regardless of fluctuating up or down).
*Static Barometer: Fishing is poor
*Falling Barometer: First part of fall is good fishing. After the fall continues for several hours, the more the it goes down the poorer fishing will be.
*Unusually Low Barometer: Don't bother as there is no fishing.

Where the heck does today fit into this scenario?

Was it that today was the day after the new moon?

Certainly the last few days would be refered to as "bluebird" days. Blue skies, no winds, sunny, and oh so calm, and 75 degrees in December. Just the kinda day that makes you run out with a big bucket of shrimp, wack some fatties, have a ball and go home oh so satisfied, that your a fisherman in Florida and not in Michigan, right?

Well, since I can't figure any of it out. I'll just go with the saying "sometimes you eat the Alligator, and sometimes the Alligator eats you", because after 6 hrs and a lot of running around and hard work on my part catching nothing.....and couldn't give away a live shrimp to a GAME FISH, I'll just wait till it starts blowing and gets cold, the jetties are rough as a cob again, because that's when I do my best most of the time.

I wasn't alone either. One of the better Trout fisherman I know was struggling hard, also and had several friends out there not having as much fun as they had planned, too.

C'C'mon wind and big swells.....looks like you're my best "Jetty" friend.
(see the White Water behind me??)

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