Sunday, December 23, 2007

12/22 -

Had trip planned for a long time this morning with a fellow float freak, Dr. Dick and his family.
But the 20-25 knots winds and cold, wet weather at 7:30am wasn't looking like it was gonna be their kind of day. So we decided not to go. And then 30 minutes later, ole Kirk calls me. (the fella from N. Dakota) and he says, "hey, I'll go", after I told him that we decided not to do today's trip. I said, "heck the boats hitched, the rods are in the boat, I guess if ya want to brave it we could go" . Kirk's from the serious north country. He said, "Dave, I'm looking for a serious challenge", So I met him at the boat ramp, and it was really CRAPPY....with a capital "C".

Winds were N.E. and the tide was high as all hell, so we went and hit the backwaters.

At first it didn't look all that promising. But as the tide fell, I made a 100 foot move, and we found what we came for.

First it was a few small Trout, then came Reds of all sizes. Pups first, then keepers, then an over sized Red, then a few Blues. For 4 hours straight we worked a shell bar, and had some fun just plain catching fish against the odds. The wind was whipping, it was cold, dreary, and foggy. But as the tide fell, we just kept working the shell bar and hooking Reds.

Overall, it was a great morning. In at 9am, and out at 1pm, and burned at least 6 dozen shrimp, put two Reds in the box 22" & 24", released at least 12 pupper Reds, and pulled a 28 incher off the shell bar. Kirk wanted a challenge and the weather gave us one....but we only had to fish 2 spots all day.


That was a good thing. And made the day a whole lot more bearable for me! And as you can see, I was quite bundled up. And Kirk, Mr. "N. Dakota", looked like it was a fall day, and just another walk in the park.

Looks like Sunday's gonna be pretty nice, too.
Report to follow!

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