Saturday, January 12, 2008

1/12 - The student......

Wanna see what the float-rig can do for you?

Ya think it's some billybob way of fishing?

Well here's Kirk, the Navy fella who's been going out with me twice a month.

Who has access to an area we can't anchor the the jetties on the Navy Base.

And went today.

Here's what he said...
"That float rig is deadly from the rocks too!!!!!!"

Of course it is. That's how I'd be fishing if I was on a rock, attached to land.

And ya'll "clicker float" (cajun thunders, etc. and poppin corkers) keep them for the shallow water with no current. In the big water, ya may want to go traditional, with traditional "float" rigging.

Kirk said he had 25 trout today from 13" to 28".

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