Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1/16 - Distance casting? (SOLD, as of 1/19)


I was so into surf fishing and long distance casting that I wore my bank account dry, before I bought my 26' BLM. I used Breakaway tackle mostly......the brits have it ALL figured out!

And used to be on the Breakaway Tackle forum, talking fishing and casting with the guys in Corpus Christi TX. That fish the 63 miles of undeveloped beach also know as Padre Island National Sea Shore, P.I.N.S - as it's called.

And I used to talk on the phone with an "old Kodger" who forgot about as much as most "yungin's" like me knew. And from him is where I was turned on the one of the best LONG DISTANCE Fishing reels ever made.

Today, Penn's distance casting mag reels are cheapy looking and have lower spool capacity. This reel is old school and old school works! A Penn 970 Mag. What makes it special....the fact it's SIMPLE.

-(1) rare Earth fixed but adjustable Mag, assisted spool slow down
- easy to adjust!
-High spool capacity
-Power Handle
-Parts easily obtained at:
-Easily cleaned and lubed

I have for sale one of these 80's vintage Penn 970 Mag reels in absolute pristine condition. Original box with metal corners...remember them??? Original paper work, cloth bag, and rod clamp. If this reel was used once it doesn't look like it. And I doubt it. I had line on it, but I took it off.

Perfect for 20# mono, and I had this reels sister and made my farthest measured cast of 460 feet! Get used to the mag, protect that thumb, attached to a 13'6" Breakaway LDX or HDX.....and let her fly!!!!

These reels have EZ access to bearing cups and can be tweeked with Rocket Fuel high speed or slowing oil, and look out. Not a competion grade reel, but rather a fishing reel for the beach. Back in the 80's these reels were all the rage around here for King Mackerel fisherman, and for casting to Cobia...from a boat.

250 foot casts out past the first 'gut' should be achieved in the first day for a well rounded Bait Casting angler, with an educated thumb. Spinner people do not apply.

Sorry the photos are sharp, but I took them with my dive camera and it's not the best at close ups.

Box, paper-work (schematics) rod clamp, and reel are for sale here, before it goes to Ebay or Craigslist or Breakaway's Forum where I know it'll get a respected value.

This reel is in all respects is brand box since 1980...something.

I'm starting out at $100. (OBO)

Can easily accept PayPal, Visa, M/C, money order payments. Will ship priority mail for whatever it costs, which won't be much.

If you're a real surfing angler and want to hit the deep water. This reels for you.

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