Saturday, January 26, 2008

1/26 - A poll and a editorial

Ya'll just don't know what I put up with, sometimes. Because I hear it all the time from customers, "damn, it must be nice fishing all the time, and having such a cool boat and all...."

Well, even though most people don't consider charter fishing as a business, because I don't have employee's and a office door you can walk into. The I.R.S. considers it a business, and so do I. And a business is out to make money. So my usual response is, "It's okay, but it always looks better from the ouside".

Then there's the enthusistic e-mails I get, where local folks want me to give them the perfect spot to be where they can catch all the fish. Back in my WNNR & ESPN days doing a expensive radio show with friend Ken aka: "the Pelican" as the co-host, we'd always reinterate, "there's no magical spot" .

And the other kind of e-mails where someones all "Gung-Ho" to go fishing, and you end up reading, and replying back to them 4-5 times and when it all comes down to it.....They never book a charter, and may have never intended too.

Then there's the Nigerian scam artists. Those emails are so stupid and blatantly idiotic.
Example: "Dear sir, I ams traveling froms London to your area and would like to charter your boats for 4 days, 2-couples, for 4 hrs eachs days. Please let mes know whats credit cards you recieve and I will expoditiously sends yous monies to covers the deposits......bla,bla,bla." Yeah like that sounds like a real person? And in my almost 12 years of chartering full-time, I have never had anyone reserve 4 days in a row!

Then how's this one I recieved today......> wrote: (his e-mail address is here so you too can spam him, if you'd like)

"Those are some nice you trout in those pictures you post on your website. Too bad no one will ever get the chance to catch them again. I would like to be able to take my future generations fishing. I am sure you only keep what you eat, but how much can you eat? You must be related to Jim Hammond." -Fellow fisherman

Obviously, this asshole doesn't get the fact that I subsistence fish, like an Alaskan Indian Tribe.
Yes, I eat it all. And go by the limits. I guess Jim Hammond received the same non-grammar checked e-mail, also.


I am looking into doing a Internet based radio show. One evening a week. A call-in show, where you as a listener can call in and ask questions. I'm thinking something like a Thursday from 8-10pm. Just listen from your computer speakers, LIVE.

The nice thing is no sponsors have to be involved, I don't have to worry about offending anyone. I can talk about some of the same stuff that goes on here on the blog, but in probably greater detail, and anyone with speakers and a computer and telephone can listen and be on the show too. I can have guests on it, and they don't have to be standing here next to me. They can be in another state all together.

I WANT YOU, to let me know if you would be a listener and/or caller. If I don't hear from a good group of people, I'm not gonna waste my time. Because like all things, even this Blog. It will mean hours of work on my part. E-mail me at: with "Radio show" in the subject line.

So if it's something that interests you. You'll have to let me know.

(wheww....just re-read this myself on Sunday evening and fixed all the edits. Sorry, but I get distracted. Usually it's the phone.)

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