Friday, February 22, 2008

2/22 - Just waiting it out

I haven't done a big time report in awhile, nothing all that ground breaking to report, that's why.
Couldn't believe no one responded to my revolutionary jetty jigging rig. It would surely work great for the El Cheapo Sheepshead tournament on Saturday 2/23.

"I like them on the float, best" Like this 10 pounder I caught while on the Taylor charter back in November.

I have been fishing lately. And just the other day, on the day of the full moon......that was also a Lunar Eclipse. Oh, the tide was hell'ish that day. As myself and 3 last minute callers attempted to fish around the jetties. We literally couldn't give away a live shrimp, on the float-rig or while bottom fishing. Water temps in the area were 60-62 degrees. And as I moved around searching and searching, we never actually saw anyone else with a fish hooked up.

I hope the JOSFC's Sheepshead tournament goes well for them on Saturday. I'm a sponsor, and do what I can. But CHOOSE not to fish it. I'm not into the crowd fishing thing.

My instincts are telling me, after studying past years that the jetties area isn't gonna pick up till we reach that 65-68 degree water temp mark again. Which with the track we're on right now, should be the end of March. By the last week in March of 2007, the jetties were on fire.

And I made plenty of notations in my planner book, that FINALLY, the fish were biting good enough that every body caught them. The Specks were back, the Yellowmouth Trout were consistent, and the Reds were showing up when they're supposed too, again.

While pitching out a float to do a "survey" drift on the Cox charter, on March 23rd, I caught the first Jack Crevalle of the year, a five pounder! Usually, the first Jacks of the year are those pesky 10 inchers. And by the end of March, right on schedule came the Pompano.
I used to say;
"Spring has sprung"
when the first signs of Spanish Mackerel hit the inlet. But since they aren't nearly as fun to catch as Pompano. I believe spring has sprung when we start catching the first Pompano, these days.
It's easy for anyone to see what was going on last year, just as I can look on the side bar of this blog and click on last March. And review the posts. That's why they are there. I do it all the time.
I have a few days coming up, with a few groups on these last days of a memorable February.
You'll probably begin to see an attitude change as March progresses. Because I hate February in J-ville. And just the word M-A-R-C-H, is a lot easier to contemplate.

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