Thursday, February 28, 2008

2/28 - Like Christmas Eve!

ONE MORE DAY, till the month of February is over! It's like Christmas eve for me. I despise February, Election years, politicians, Government intrusion, TV commercials, and 6" bait stealers.

But February takes the cake. Because my beloved Speckled Sea Trout are closed for harvest in the my part of Florida. And my freezer doesn't have any of them in it. I finished the last of my stock pile about 8 days ago.

Just like this old picture, the cattle man and the Sheep herder are talking, and wishing for some Trout, which is depicted up in the clouds! (or that's at least how I see the picture)

You'd think I'd just love February
being a "Valentine baby"
and a Aquarius and all.
So what has that all done for me, lately?

I'm more into a stringer full of Specks. Hitting the dock at the end of the day, getting out the fillet table, passing the knives over the stone, and getting busy with some fish cleaning.

Mind you, I don't mean hackin', carving, hack-sawing, which is readily done when Sheepshead and even Redfish are in the cooler. I'm talking easy filleting, deboning and skinning which takes maybe 2-3 minutes per fish? To produce a skin-less, bone-less, perfect back strap of meat. That fits perfectly in my big well seasoned cast iron skillet. Fried or even blackened... I love me some T-routz.

Here's a few pics of some memorable days in the past, and they won't be the last!

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