Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2/6 - Internet weekly, call-in radio show

Well.....the "poll" announcement I made on the right side of this blog. Saying I was contemplating doing a weekly internet radio call-in show, recieved about 8 replies in the last few weeks. That's maybe 1-3% of the emails I usually recieve.

Just call me, Ron Paul! (Great ideal's...just not in the political liar's club.)

Yeah, that means taking one day a week, to sit down and set aside an hour or two to go over what's been happening one evening, would have maybe 8 listeners?


So at this time, I'm not going to go thru with the set-up of it all.

Like this blog, the intent ALWAYS is for the purpose of "future" charter cleints to get a feel for what I do and what's going on. And I don't neccessarily think, that 1/4 of the callers I get even look past the home page of my web site, to even get to this wealth of information, and entertainment many times, that's posted here.

Let alone, they would listen to their computer speakers, at 9pm on a thursday and call-in and ask a question. I get 20 emails a week on average and can't even get those people to call, rather than "tire-kick".

I take CALLS, seriously. And have learned over the years that e-mails, are window shoppers 95% of the time.

I appreciate the folks that did email me and let me know. And I guess they are the loyal readers, and past and future loyal customers.

Thursday is my next day out, with "the Kirkinator", and his visiting friend from N. Dakota.
Plans are to get out of the "hub", where all the activity is, and really try a different area.

Hopefully we can avoid the seriously handicapped and inconsiderate, by doing so.

I need a change of scenery....anyhow.

Usually by this time of February, I'm all about heading to south Florida for a serious change of scenery, by going to the Miami Boat show. But have decided that how many Fiberglass boats do I really need to look at anymore, since my passion is 5086 welded Plate Alloy!

-wanna learn more...go to: - here's is where you'll find me, and my think alike friends.

The Seattle International boat show is where I'll head's where the toughest of the tough are on display, each year.

Problem is, there's probably no cultural shock factor, and 1/2 naked "cuban chiketta banana's" walking around. Because it's certainly not 80 degree weather in Seattle! I guess up there, the gals wear Flannel shirts, and wool long pants? Not as appealing, that's for sure. So the boats have to be the draw.....

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