Monday, March 3, 2008

3/3 - Power of Observation....things that make ya go Hmmmm.

Just remembered.

I was sitting along the jetties yesterday catching me some yellermouth Trout, and having my hook crushed by Sheepshead bites, after my morning charter with the Kossak Family, when I looked over and saw something that was interesting.

Being a serious G. Loomis guy.....a Pro-staff member for many, many years now. (BTW, ya can't go wrong with a Loomis rod)

And one who is always looking for an edge in my float-rig fishing. Being a long-time user of Premier plastic inc. "Salmon Stalker" EVA floats.

I see a boat pull up along the jetties, just one guy and a kid. First, I notice that there's a rod rigged up with a Salmon Stalker float! Only a few that I know of use these....they are not something the average joe uses. Unless they've seen mine or maybe even been with me on a trip.

Then the guy starts casting his float out. And I see he is using what looks like a G. Loomis "Greenwater" long rod, maybe a 8'2 incher????
Hmmmmm......that interesting. That's the rod I use. It's a $250 rod. And one fine float-rigging rod too.

I strained my eyes looking to see if he had a Shimano Curado 300DSV on the rod, but could not tell......because if so. That's what I use!!!!

So, what's the deal?

This isn't like you can go to Wally's World and buy a long Loomis "greenwater" rod and a pack of Salmon Stalker 1 oz. EVA floats. I told Sam the fishing dept. manager at Gander Mountain about them, but doubt they'll carry them either.

It's takes a bit my case "tweeking", or in his case OBSERVING??? (maybe we've talked??)

But, just by seeing what he was using I can tell this fella has fine taste. Not that any ole rod and reel can't catch a Trout, Sheepshead, or a Redfish. But there's those of us who enjoy some of the finer things in life. I don't do fine dining, vacations to Maui, or live in an exclusive area. It's all about nice tackle, boats, and having fun fishing to me.

Either way, I was the observer. And can't say I recognized the fella, or the boat.

Maybe he's a blog reader?

Here's links to what I'm talking about. If anyone is "EVER" interested in any tackle that I discuss, please contact me first. I have ideas on where to find it the cheapest, if that interests you.

It's just stuff that works for me, and that I like.

Here's a "must read" if your into the Shimano Curado's, as I am:

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