Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I had the rare opportunity of seeing my favorite band last night...In which fishing buddy, Nick Watson is the drummer. Because they played at
7 Bridges restaurant & brewery at 7:00pm rather than starting at 10:00pm when they're at Lynches Irish Pub in Jax beach. 10pm, is kinda late for me.

Yeah, I'm not a late night kinda guy. By 10pm, I'm usually falling asleep in my Lazyboy recliner.

Believe it or not, my mother and I went. We had a good dinner and a few beers, and then sat and listened to a few sets of Celtic rock sounds that has made Nick, Trevor, and Neil -"the Antipypr" famous. Mom loved it! I wish I brought my camera. so I could have taken a few pics.

You've never heard a Highland Bagpipe, till you listen to Neil Anderson!

I hope that more restaurants will hear about last nights show, and the band gets to perform at more places like the 7-Bridges.

Their web site: - "Winner of 2006 Celtic Music Awards."

And if you love this kind of sound, you can get to hear much more at the 2nd annual Jax Irish Music fest, at the Jax Fair grounds on April 26th.


Heard something else yesterday......My neighbor told me he took someone fishing on his companies boat. And this person said that they read a Reports BLOG everyday. He said, "WHO"? This person replied, Capt Dave's. My neighbor said, "hmmm...what's his last name?"
And this person replied, "don't know, be he has a big metal boat!"
He responded..."That's my neighbor, Dave!"

The moral of this story is, that ole subject that is dear to me. "The Power of Observation!"
I talk about it all the time. Being aware of your surroundings, especially as a fisherman.
What I found very funny, is that across the entire top of this BLOG is the "title"... CAPT. DAVE SIPLER'S SPORT FISHING BLOG.

It's okay though. I once had a call from a guy looking for a charter/guide. And happened upon this blog. Called me and everything. And had NO idea that I was in the charter business. And just thought that I was a "weekend enthusiast" that wrote alot, for my health. The funny thing about this story is, "what do people actually see and read?" I know Google has studied what and how people see when they read a search page. Talk about an interesting article. Google's got it going on!

I find myself practicing, memorization of small details, and the truly obscure. Because in my world. I find it helps me. But I'm sure even my attentiveness is very selective.

C'C'mon....what are ya waiting for. Let's go fishing! We waited all of February to get to this point.
It's starting to really get HOT!

Next day up to bat for me is Saturday, with the Donelenko's.

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