Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/17 - Is the wind finally going away????

Holy wind burn Batman! Is it possible that finally the 20-25 knot winds have subsided just in time for this weekend. I guess it's gareenteed to be a real zoo at the boat ramp then on Saturday.
I best prepare the Bat Mobile, Friday for a early bat cave departure Saturday morning.

New addition to my Pro-Staff links on the side bar of this BLOG.

The Snapper-Saver!
Innovation meets practicality.
Do you just love your Boga-Grip?
I know I do. I've had one from the very beginning. Well, this is where the Snapper Saver comes in. A tool no boat (especially an offshore boat) should be without. The Snapper Saver is a release tool/de-hooker often referred to as a "fish flipper ", and a fish deflater. Patent Pending, design conceals a super sharp retractable needle in the handle to deflate blow-up fish that were yanked from deep water off the bottom. With a slide of the spring loaded button on the handle, out comes the perfect length needle, and the handle end is also set at the perfect angle for insertion into a Snapper, Grouper, over sized Redfish, etc.
Made out of the highest grade Stainless Steel, with a smooth machined "flipping end", there's no way to damage your hook or leader. Plus, if done properly, you do not even have to touch the fish. Look closely at the end, the inward facing end is the "flipper", and the outside facing end, is a "degorger" for pushing a hook out.
Soon to be released with a lanyard, and offered in many colors. This is not your grandpa's ole bent piece of wire, laying in the bottom of the boat. But rather a well thought out, simple but innovative tool to help in the release of small and large bottom fish, as well as shallow water species too.
Not every fish you catch gets blown up with gasses, because it was caught in deep water then fought to the surface. But on the Snapper Saver web site, and included with your Snapper Saver, comes instruction on how to properly "VENT", a fish for safe return to the bottom for when this does occur. It's nice having all the tools to do the job in an attractive and handy unit. Your friends will say..."what the heck is that?" And after you show them how easy it is to use.
Visit: - and tell 'em Capt Dave sent ya'

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