Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/20-Windburned R&D

Like a fool.....I had to go out on Sunday. I had a new rod. That's why. Just was killing me not to try it out. So I left out at 10:00am and got to a boat ramp that was packed out. Do you realize, that people are now parking all the way down across from Singletons Seafood shack? Holy crap, this cities getting just too big. I still waiting for the economy to drop boat sales in the garbage can, and fuel prices to have the boat ramp absent of people on a Sunday. I know it's killing me to spend $100 and get 28.9 gallons of fuel. That's the reason, I'm only fishing the jetties...can't afford to go anywhere else, these days. No hawg wild runs to Nassau Sound, up Nassau River, past Amelia island on a 6 hr charter. Not unless you want to pay way more. And the people have spoken. They barely want to pay what I have to charge now. And everyone constantly asks me, "so when you gonna start doing offshore trips?" I guess, when I can get $600 a day for two anglers.

I can remember when there was no over flow lot across the street from the boat ramp parking lot, one ramp and that was just fine on a weekend. But either way, the boat ramp would be a lot better if there was no stupid peoples CARS, where Trucks and Trailers are supposed to park.

Everyone ought to print notices and carry them with you. When you see 6 cars in prime truck and trailer spot, you post a notice on their windshield with Elmer's glue; "Hey asshole...this is a boat ramp parking lot. This is a parking spot for a truck and trailer not your car. Your lucky we don't hitch up to ya and pull your car out into the middle of the parking lot. If you are this stupid how did you pass the drivers exam?"

At this point in time. I believe I'll have to start charging a weekend rate. Sorry, but it was bound to happen. A lot of charters do so. Reason being, that there's so many people at the bait shop on Saturday mornings this time of year that if YOU want ME to actually have bait and ice and be on time, I've been getting Saturday mornings bait and ice on Friday instead. Because of Friday they still have some shrimp left usually.....wait till a bad Saturday morning and you can be shit outa luck. So I have to make special trips there on Friday, and do all I can to keep 10-12 dozen shrimp alive over night. Many people think I catch my own live shrimp...."yeah, for a $400 day, I'm up at 1:00am, and in my shrimp boat dragging nets for your charter at 7am, NOT!!"

The jetties were a mess of people on Sunday. So I had to find a spot where I could be alone and fish happily. And I found it. I caught about 10 Trout, only 3 were keepers a few bluefish, and a 5 pound Black Drum. I lost another Black Drum, and probably the largest Trout I've ever hooked in my whole life, just 10 feet from the boat. It was no less than 30 inches as it came up to the surface and the hook pulled. And I was all alone. Which was so nice.

There's still a place or two people don't fish, and there is fish, thank goodness. Big Trout don't care for boat motors running over their heads all day long. So I will explore this are more for Big Trout again. And there's plenty of Black Drum there too. Because I saw them caught.

The wind was bad by late day, and I fished the area hard with my one new rod in hand. Caught more than enough for a dinner. Liked the feel of my new rod. But still needed a bigger fish on it than the Drum, to be a real test. I searched high and low for this rod, but it's still missing one key item I was looking for, a heavy duty trigger real seat.

But, alas I did find the rods I'm looking for, custom made on the west coast. Wait till you see these beauties! They'll be like nothing you've seen around here.

Go to: www.deep-color.com and be prepared to blown away!

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