Sunday, April 27, 2008


I guess everyone is in sticker shock, as I am. And that's why I never got even as much as a call for this weekend. "They", who ever they are....said, "get ready for $4.00 a gallon fuel." I guess, "they" were correct.
Every single flex in the economy, every single world event, ever storm, every corporate melt down, and every Presidential election year, is felt by me in the charter business! And the feeling ain't good.

Via all my world wide buddies on One who lives and fishes in Mexico, said fuel there in U.S. dollars is only, $2.20. Then, one in Alaska mentioned that fuel there is now $5.00 a gallon. I suspect, now is when we'll really start to see some really serious problems in this country.

Took my mom with me to Saturday's 2nd Annual Jax Irish Music Fest, at the Fairgrounds. It was really warm down there in the sun, and thank goodness for some trees on the grounds. Many people sat under them as the bands played. Including Mom and I after about noon.

We were there for the openers, and stayed till fishing buddy Nick Watson's band, Rathkeltair was on and over. I really enjoyed seeing them again. And finally got to hear a local girl, Janna Light in person. With addition of her sister singing with her. She's really something too! This girl has a serious, serious voice, you do not forget.

No fish pics, for a week.
So I'll go with band pics.

Nick on drums.
Neil on pipes.
Trevor on Guitar.
Billy on Bass.
They're Rathkeltair!

You've probably never heard anything like these guys, before.

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