Thursday, June 5, 2008

6/5 - Pre-occupied...

Many things I'm working on have had me very preoccupied here for about a week. Sorry for the big space and time, since the last report.

Besides all that, BIG METAL is in the shop. Has been since Monday. I had this tiny little aggravating as all hell ticking sound in the engine. I didn't give it much thought, it wasn't effecting the engines performance. But after a few trips with the ticking, I pulled out of the water one day from the boat ramp and there stood a buddy of mine, Raymond. Raymond's a huge Honda fan. And works his Honda to the bone, commercial fishing.

(I hope Honda isn't full of a lot of Hot Air, and my outboard see's me through till the Hydrogen models come out.......

I said, "Jump up on the boat there Raymond,
can ya hear a real slight ticking?"

"Yep, I sure can......"

And by the time the trailer was out of the water, Raymond's on the phone to another friend.

He says, "Dave I have some one that can fix ya right up, call this guy tomarrow." So I did.

Raymond's man came to my house with a friend along that's also a Honda 225 mechanic, and they listened and then looked at me and said, "It's in the lower unit."

So, off to CrewsN2 Outboards a Honda dealer and warranty center, on Arlington Expressway. I'm there Monday at 6:45 in the morning, waiting for them to open.

Since, I have been there, and seen my lower unit and gears pulled. And Sam the mechanic said it was a chip in the pinion and forward gear. He was waiting on the parts. That was Tuesday.

I know a guy who's a big time Optimist. His name is Dale. We supposedly have a trip planned on the 12th. And Dale says, "Dave, don't worry, it'll be fixed by then....I'm thinking Friday."

Dale's usually right about weather. So I hope he's right about this.
I told him, I'm a "realist" .


Picked boat up today. Lower unit all re-built via warranty.
And I'm ready for my trips this week.

Dang, Dale was right. This guys amazing!

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