Monday, June 9, 2008

6/9 - for ole times sake!

Recieved an e-mail asking about this video. A video I found on YOUTUBE a year ago and instantly posted here on my BLOG.

And the video that amazed me, and had me thinking clearer about what I wanted in my next boat. Barring running a river with no water. I'll never do that. But I do get intimate with rocks. BIG JETTY ROCKS.

The video that should make every boat owner say to themselves......(picture a V-8 commercial)

A 'Bonk' on the head...... "damn I shoulda bought a ALLOY boat!!"

It's just that simple! And the reason why the forum address below (my second home) is so popular after just a months since it's inception. Now, a world wide alloy boat fan's, #1 destination.

I find it hard to believe, I wasn't 'bonked' on the head about 10 years ago. But that's the learning curve, huh?

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