Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7/29 - GOT BAIT?

Since we had the Pogies (Menhaden) just blast right on past good ole J-ville again this year, or head due south into the river to only be seen by Bass or Cat fisherman.

And the water temps offshore oscillating back and forth from 75 - 78 - 83, with nothing a constant.

I guess you could say, "that's N.E. Florida in the summer for ya...AGAIN!!!!!!!"

Can ya just imagine what it would be like to head offshore an actually see this:


Yeah, and TUNA too. It's not so far north, just off the coast of Mass./ R.I. /Conn.

Damn, I love November thru April. I hope everyone who may read this report blog that wants to go fishing, will actually want to go when I love it the most.


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