Friday, August 1, 2008

8/1- Tale of the table....Ocean temps!!!!!

My endless "HOT" button issue in the summer, is....
water temps!

Want to see the "Ocean water temp" story, really easy?


CLICK ON: St Marys (buoy) because it's close to the beach. and the St Augustine (C-MAN), because it's close to the beach.

Way offshore is where it's still warm.

Damn, what's wrong with this area and these summer time water temps?

What I'd like to see is a table made of years, summer months, and temps. So I can see how many times this happens and how frequently. Because it seems like almost every year during the summer. And a year without, is distinctly different fishing.

The Mayport weather station at the Bar Pilots Assoc. dock is unavailible, because the docks not there anymore...they're rebuilding it. I hope it's done before winter time.

It's my "go-to" Boat Ramp weather, link.

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