Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17 - Primo-tides for October...

I often forget that many people do not have tides, don't know how they effect the Marine world, and certainly don't book a days charter because of the tides....that's about the last consideration, most of the time. Especially in this non-stop world of juggling multiple peoples schedules, work loads, family, and finances.

It's sort of funny that I've never juggled a schedule, mine or anyone else's, a work load, or family.....only finances. But I do stress over things like tides, weather, tackle, and bait & fuel money. And I'm talking before I went into this business full-time.

And now 12 years later, I still stress over the same things...But now it's called focusing on the goal. People I know say to me all the time, "I can understand why you like all your tackle to match, why you are constantly looking to upgrade, and worry over weather and tides. It's your business."
And I have to stop them right there.... And tell them that it's not that it's my business, I've been this way my whole life. I've always been pre-occupied differently.

So athought came to me to post the best days, the best days I'd consider going fishing with a buddy for fun, wackin some fatties, AKA: putting fish in the box. Which would also be when you would want to go fishing, on my boat. The days could be totally different for someone else. But then you'd be reading that dudes report blog.

OH....I forgot, no other Guide service around here has one, like this.
Stupid me...

Okay, enough editorial info.

October 2008 - Departure at sun up. When I like to pull away from the dock.

6th-8th, 10th-12th, 19th-25th

Now this is just looking at the tides in my book. If I could "guess" at what the weather would be, I just might possibly be on your local TV News channel at 5am, 6am, 8am, 12 noon, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 10pm, and 11pm. Yeah...that kills me too. The local yokel news is on TV way too many hours a day.

For Trout in the box, I like a weekday, no boats around me, low tides in the morning, before 10am.
And since I'm an early riser, I'll take the same thing for big Redbass in the river and at the inlet.
A non-Fish in the box, but fun for everyone.

I have provided a nice Tide Chart link along the side bar (top right) as a tool for you to view.
I refer to the Mayport all the way up river to the Navy Fuel Depot, when utilizing the conversions. Or the rule of thumb I go by is add an hour for each 8 miles or so from the inlet, when people ask.

I'm more concerned about current than "tide". The two are separate things in the St. Johns River. Because so many weather situations can change the "current" we fish in.

I have some customers that get obsessive with the tides, as I am and because of me. Probably because they've learned from choosing a really difficult tides to fish that ended up effecting our day negatively.

My policy is;

I cannot be help responsible for loss of fishing time due to weather, fishing patterns, transportation or other incidents from conditions beyond my control.

And TIDES are another way of saying....."fishing patterns."

That's why I have my phone on my hip, 12 hours a day. 8am-8pm eastern time.
To help you choose, amongst all the other things you maybe juggling. But in the long run, remember it's just fishin'. It's supposed to be fun. You'll learn a lot, guaranteed. See things that you may have never seen before and do something you may have never done before.

A private fishing charter is way more than just, fishing.

And as always say...


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