Monday, September 1, 2008

End of August...

End of August...(30th & 31st)

Here's what the last two days were.

Windy, over-cast and not a whole lot of catching.

Yeah, we caught fish. But I wanteds Trout, Sheepshead, Reds and/or Black Drum.
Instead we had small Trout, Ladyfish, Jacks, Croakers, small Yellowmouth's, SailCats, one Black Margate, a Lookdown, a few toads, and blennies.

EAST WINDS, and incoming tides all day I refer to as K.O.D. - kiss O' death.

In the last two days, I figured out that all that rain fall we had from T.S. Fay, has meant nothing. I got all excited over nothing. Again, bazzaro world throws me another........."fake out".

I've checked the salinity of the water and from Mayport to Arlington there's not much salt water, in the river, at least on top of the water. Even on a strong Flood tide.

So where are all the fish? Why was there a huge rush toward the inlet a few years ago when we had the same kind of rain fall amounts, in a short duration? And then not's good Ole
J-ville. Remain rigidily flexible, ya never know what the hell's going on.

Croakers!! Wanna go Croaker fishing? That's no problem. Do I want to Croaker fish for 6 hrs.?
NO. I'm not cleaning all those 12 inch fish.

I fished hard the last two days in August, and then have charters booked for this week, too.
And what do ya know, luck gives me a storm in the Atlantic heading this way, Tropical Storm Hanna that might go Hurricane and hit close to Jacksonville. And if not, the EAST/N.E. winds will be up and howling anyhow.

Can't really give much of a report, because I don't have a clue of whats going on either.
All I know is Croakers are everywhere!

Croaker, Croakers, Croakers.


On another note for ya'll BARGAIN HUNTERS.

I have (4) Abu Garcia 6500 Chrome Rockets for sale.

Time to turn over. Very good
condition for used 2 year old reels.
Level-wind reels, best Salt-Water Garcia reel made.
Chrome over all BRASS construction.
Some of them are tweeked with better bearings, and a Stainless Steel spool clutch rather than weaker brass.
I did the improvements, myself.

$90.00 EACH or $340 for all (4)

Still have a Shimano CORVALUS - 400 for sale - in box brand new $45.00

10' Bait Buster POGIE cast net - reduced! $70.00

2- Shakespere 8' VHF antenna's....both $45 each

think ahead, you'll like them if it was December,
for sheepshead at Jetties, $40.00 Lead heads for
Grub tails, ball heads, slider heads, 1/8 th oz. ball heads,
Buck-tails, assorted sizes of Gotcha plugs.


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