Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/14 - what the heck?

I cannot believe October is about 1/2 way over all ready. I guess time fly's when your having fun!
And so far, October has been FUN.

Now, start thinking about November folks...The fishing is awesome!!

Here's a day from last year (Nov. 14) with my buddy Nick and I at the jetties. This is just what we kept and took home. We released a bunch of Reds, Trout and Drum...(two 72 qt. coolers full)

And some of you even received a notice about my 1-3 passenger Monday-Tuesday-Weds. charters where I provide lunch, in October. And ya' never took me up on the offer!! I suppose the drop in Monday thru Weds. charters is that everyone is afraid to loose their J-O-B if they get caught taking off a day. A sure sign of the times, I guess.

Don M. reminded me of this on yesterday's charter (he did not receive such a deal, because he already received a multi-day reserved price. He's been out with me twice a month for 2 months.)
Yep, it was for the folks in my "rates schedule" database. People who have signed up to receive deals. Not in conjunction with any other so called "deal" I have out there. Not offered for everyone, that's for sure.
The "I bring lunch" is for you folks who are signed up. And includes, Publixs subs and drinks. With advanced reservation deposit for a 1-3 person charter, in October only.

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