Friday, October 3, 2008

10/3 - Perfect Day....Perfect Fish

There's an ole saying that most happy go lucky married men, usually in their 60's live by and don't even know it.....or do they.

Happy Wife = Happy Life.

Well, the same goes for FISHING.

A Perfect Day=Perfect Fish. (and in the charter biz, a good crew on board is also a big plus)

So I don't have to tell ya' much, about today. Other than, along the side bar of this report blog, I updated my "philosophy" section last week, and part of it goes like this..."There's no perfect day fishing. But if there is, I'll be sure to tell ya about it right here on this report blog."

So here it is. A perfect day, with the Brandt family that have been fishing for me for years and years. Which is another reason the day was so perfect. The Brandt's are fun folks.

We even had Bill in a neck brace from neck surgery, if ya can believe that!

He's the one that caught the largest Redbass, because he's addicted!

So I had to oblige.

Lots of I.G. "you know what that means", Instantaneous Gratification!

A stringer of Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, and only one Redbass small enough to keep, but we had them up to 18 pounds, and all in between.

Shrimp to catch Croakers, and then Croaker to catch Redbass....a 14 inch Seabass, and the largest of the yellowmouth.

A big part of what made today so good is that it was cool, sunny, light breezes, and no boat traffic around us.

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