Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/9 - IN FULL SWING..."their here"

Their Here.....

What the hell do I mean by that?

Well, if you're like me you look forward to this time of year because it's not only cooler, and the Big Reds are chewin'. But there's so much more than that. It'sa great time for my favorite style of fishing. And that's drifting a float-rigged live shrimp behind the boat, and now I don't have to travel far to it, with good success.

I'll admit it, I love turning RIGHT, out of the boat ramp dock. Which heads me EAST.

Today, Nick W. and myself had such a great day that if I told you where we caught our fish, I'd be shooting myself in the foot.

I did have two photos to post, but in the process of fooling with my camera trying to take some short video, I screwed everything up and lost the photos I took.

But for some reason these two photos some how got hidden in my camera's memory. And they were the only two on the memory chip. They're dated 6/22/08...I remember that day! We went and caught some Blacktip Sharks and then made a quick run offshore and pulled Drone spoons for these two exotic species...

Cuda's and Kings, the two fish that will inhale
a Drone Spoon without thinking about it.

Okay, enough about them HOT summer, non-river fishing days, which are are now behind us.

Today, Nick and I caught no less that 40 Speckled Trout. (this is what I mean!!!)

It was ever single drift of the float rig that hooked a beautiful Trout. In about an hour we had our limit of 10 in the box, up to 19".

Toss in some big mean Yellowmouth Trout, and talk about just plain F-U-N. Then, add in some 2-3 pound Jacks, mutant sized Pinfish, a few Ladyfish, and a handful of those pesky 4" Mangrove Snappers, and you get what Nick said "You mean we just went through 100 live shrimp??" "Yes, my drum beating friend, that's a sign of one great day," I replied. (Nick's the drummer for the local Celtic Rock Band, "RATHKELTAIR")

And the great thing about the whole day is we never burned a gallon of fuel, I'd bet on that.
We just burned shrimp like cord wood, and they turned into a cooler of Trout. Then we went back to the ramp and cleaned our 10 Trout and a half dozen big Yellowmouths.

I'll admit it. We went today to actually get some footage for a future Float-rig fishing video tape, I want to do. But the actual tape in the camera got messed up somehow and that idea was scrapped. So then I got out the snap shot digital camera and found out that I really didn't know how to use the video feature. So, that whole idea was tossed out the window. And we just kept pulling in the Trout.

So, the poop is. These fish are stacked up. For how long in this location, it's any ones guess. But I know I sure like it. And so does my fuel budget/wallet.

I also noticed. My Raymarine C-120's "calibrated" temperature gauge read, 76 DEGREES!

Does this mean no more 80 degree water? I hope so, because as the water temp falls, here comes more heaven...

Friday, Saturday & Monday I'll be out making more reports. But Monday's looking iffy. 20 knot EAST winds on a falling tide...OUCH!

That's not good for anyone.

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