Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/22 - 4 for Fish

Had Kathy H. and crew (4) on board today.....the morning was really nice, but as the afternoon picked up the wind got stronger. I'll be trying it again on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

So stay tuned.

I had a guy (Jason, I think) on board today that was a "Natural Talent" and obviously very smart. He reeled in fish perfectly, and get this....Cast a bait casting reel with 1 minutes worth of instruction, with out backlash.

Man, I see a lot of goofy stuff on my boat, but this shocked me. When he said he's fished a little in a lake back home. Natural Talent, I can spot it. And I like it.

We caught a nice keeper Redbass at 24" right off the bat (serious I.G.) along with some yellowmouth Trout.

And then we made a move to the BIG ROCKS out at the inlet.

The tide was moving good, and as soon as we came tight on the anchor I pitched out two cut pogies.

Instantaneous gratification again!!!!

John was on the rod, and the big Red handed him his butt. Unfortunately the fish dove to the back of the motor and before we could do anything, broke off on the prop or skeg of the lower unit.

Okay, no biggy. Keep on soakin'. Next up was our "hot shot" fisherman who didn't even know he was one. Jason handled the rod like a pro again! Tangling with his biggest fish, not an excitable kinda guy. He was, too calm. Big Red to the boat, 25 pounder.

Man the little Accurate twin drag B-197's sure are killer reels. They handle a fish like this and much larger like Butta'.
No pot metal reels here. Just the good stuff.

And only a few I ever get on the boat will ever know the difference. But always something to think about. I talk quality's a disease.

Had a few more bites and lost baits after the big'un, then 2 stingers (Sting Rays) back to back, and I don't sting ray fish, so we picked up anchor and hauled butt while the tide was still falling.


And the Trout were on fire. Scattered Specks on this spot, with some seriously motivated Yellowmouths in a real good size range. The wind was kickin' but it didn't matter.

We easily boxed about 10 or so released a bunch of smaller ones and headed back to clean the catch.

It was a good day. Always a bit tougher when I have 4 on board, but today these two guys here did all the fishing.

I'll be out in what is supposed to be 20 knots east on Thursday with one regular customer.
The winds supposed to build to GALE FORCE.

OH, NO.....

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