Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24 - This BS, just kills me....

Ever see this banner on a charter guides web site?

Well, it really makes me chuckle...
It's part of the marketing genius of
some elitist out there. I'm sure.

I once came up with a certified
Bait-casting instructor....But now
after some thought
an all inclusive certification
would be FFF- certified
instructor of the...


Yeah, that's it....the FFF .

Man, I've met alot of FFF members. And they just don't range from Daytona to S. Carolina, where float-rig fishing maybe popular. But rather the Pacific Northwest too. I believe they are the "original Float Freaks".

Here's a PACWEST web site, all about it:

So my next venture is to come up with a FFF banner & certificate of my own. Possible "Float Freaks Federation" members are all over, just like fly flingers.....But do we have the hype, the elitist attitude, does Orvis sell float-rig tackle. I don't think so.

Maybe we need our own corporate support? It's all about $$ isn't it? Marketing, maybe even classes to get certified, of course. And a charter with me as your first ever FFF certified instructor could get you started.

Add in using bait casting tackle (NO SPINNERS ALLOWED) of course. Isn't a bait casting reel harder to learn then a spool that holds really fat line? Casting backlash free float-rigs, is probably (I think so) harder to teach and learn than making a cast with a fly rod. I could be biased, just maybe.....

I'm no Fly Fishing federation guy, but have done my fair share of it in my younger days, but I choose to not use it, anymore.

Float-rig fishing has many of the same attributes as Fly fishing. Accurate drifting, mending the line, presentation, specialty tackle, rods, reels, line, hooks. But usually we let momma nature provide us with the bait, being a sprightly live shrimp. It's called matching the hatch!!

There's probably some people who just can't fly fish. They're all thumbs. Guess what? The same is true for Float-rig fishing....these people will never be "certified" FFF members, I'm sure. But like fly fishing, they're brave enough to give it a shot, at least.

And the use of this type of float is not
FLOAT-RIG fishing...1st Rule!

As a fishing guide, who really gets excited about Float-rig fishing. Especially this time of year. I can tell you, the instruction part is the key part of the whole equation. The youngest that has succeeded big time on my boat has been 5 years old! This lil' boy caught his own 30" Redfish. All by himself! And Flounder. Can a 5 year old fly fish??

I like to think he had a great instructor. But he also had "natural talent". But then again, I've had no natural talent folks in front of me too. That's when I earn my FFF certification banner. Because I have a point, of course.

I chuckle at all the BS that surrounds the fly guys. I only wish someone started the Float Freak Federation 50 years ago. We might have a larger following today....or at least more certifications, classes, instructors, specialty tackle shops, artists, guru's, and corporate support.

Can ya imagine....Capt Dave's "FFF" approved "pro" tackle shop on Beach Blvd. called the......

"The Waterlogged Cork"

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