Saturday, December 20, 2008

12/20 - Isn't this wonderful???

Damn I like December. It's usually like this. WARM and NICE, I mean.
December isn't much different than November, really....just closer to real nasty weather, and that's called FEBRUARY!

Just think folks, this could be YOUR world:

Instead, we're out fishing and having a ball. Actually Friday I went all the way down to the backwoods of Citra Florida to buy some "clumping" Bamboo ( for my back yard jungle I'm designing, and on the way back picked up some nice citrus trees in Waldo to add to the backyard also. More plants mean less "weeds" to mow, right?

This could be your winter fishing boat, right here:

Hell with fishin', riding in that thing looks like too much fun to me! Especially on ice!

(at least it's aluminum!)

Yeah, even in S.E. Georgia..........I mean N. E. Florida we certainly can't bitch that bad about the weather. I know I moan and groan about high winds, but at least I'm fishin'. I could be (not really) standing on a frozen lake next to a tent and my ice air boat. Instead of sitting here in a t-shirt, shorts and Crocs giving you something to read at work.

I know I sometimes look like this out there.....

and it's only because
I'm not further south.

But then again,
this is the best of the best
fishing season, during the fall/winter/ spring.

So I guess we're lucky.

I can live with Jacksonville's bad case of "Urban Cancer". I really got a dose of seeing it yesterday as we drove outa here. I've lived with not enough boat ramps, and no fish cleaning tables, for so long I'm used to it all by now. But, I believe we could all agree that it's all worth it...Cuz, I'd rather be on the water than on land anyhow.

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