Friday, January 2, 2009

1/2/09 - Blast from the past.

Had Wayne S. and his grandson Drew on board today. Wayne is one of those dear old customers of mine that had fished with me for years. But schedules changed, and I haven't had him on board for at least 3-4 years, till today. And we had a great time.

Wayne goes to Lafitte La. fishing every year, and since I'd love to live and fish there, or at least do 6 months there, and six months here. "Maybe in my next life." I love hearing about the place and the fishing from someone who fishes there all the time.

But we're here, so I picked Wayne and Drew up at Sisters Creek boat ramp and since the tide was low, we hit a good low tide spot up river. The tide was fading quick. But it was okay. Wayne and Drew are very experienced fisherman. My job was easy today.

While showing them the details of the spot with the float-rig, I set the hook on the days first fat speck at 19 inches. And handed it to Drew, so I could get Wayne's rod ready.


Our current was barely flowing and both Wayne and Drew hung a few large Trout, but they shook off. Then, came a small trout or two, then the days first big one, a nice 21 incher.

Wayne's a Speck lover like me, and certainly doesn't mind catching some BIG Trout, for the box.
As soon as the bite started, it fell off fast as the current completely went slack on us. "Only if we were an hour or two earlier....." But I had no clue what the weather would be like today, since the forecast flipped and flopped from high winds to low winds for today, all week long.

So we agreed to just leave at 8am.

But that's okay. "TIME TO HEAD EAST, NOW."

A old friend at the B&M bait and tackles New Years day BASH yesterday, said to me that I certainly wouldn't be fishing where I wanted today. "Cap, it's gonna be too rough" he said.

Well, that might be, but not for my boat. We went exactly where I wanted to fish, it was rough but we didn't care.

And here's why.

We weren't "on location" for more than a few minutes and Wayne sets the hook on a 4 pound
22-1/2 inch Speck.

The fishing wasn't easy. But I always say, "If your're comfortably numb, you are probably not on top of your game, either."

I like a bit of Chinese yellow mustard in my fishing.

Next came a 5 pound Sheepshead caught by Drew, and a 21 inch Redbass.
A few small Yellowmouth Trout, and a small Speck or two.

And then Wayne caught another fat Speck, that was the same size as his last. 22-1/2 inches.

The bites sort of faded out. So we tried another spot and had another 19 incher, and a few throw backs. Then moved again, to the North Jetty, and had no takers at all.

So back to where the fish were, but by now the tide went slack and we sat there catching just small Yellowmouth trout. So we headed in.

It was a good day, with some really nice big Specks. We just could of had about 10 more to feel really, really good about the day...(at least I would have.)

The box looked pretty good with some serious eaters. We had a really good time hashing over charters from years ago too. Wayne and Drew can come fishing with me anytime! They can cast, pitch, flip and set the hook on a Trout from 100 feet away. I don't get many days like this, where all I do is take fish off the hook after netting them. So it was a pleasure. And Wayne brought along his own "fish cleaner", his name was Drew!

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