Friday, January 30, 2009

1/30 - OUT WITH A B-A-N-G!

Rescheduled yesterday because of the rain, dark skies, cold and wind.
So Dave C. and I went today instead in the dark skies, wind, cold, but we had hope it would still be better than yesterday.


I talked to Dave last night and said, Let's give Friday a try...he hemmed and hawed. "Maybe we could go Sunday if we go early, he said". Since Sunday's weather report is the best. And then I told him the Trout are closed on Feb. 1st. So he immediately said, "Okay, how bout 8am tomorrow?", I replied, "see ya then".

So off we went at 8am this morning. The boat ramp, which is usually packed on most Friday's was nearly vacant, except for a few Crabbers.

I went up river, made a turn here, a turn there, and pulled up on a spot that wasn't going to be exactly right tide wise, for a few hours. But I was gonna try it anyhow.

Dave baited up, and 3 seconds later caught a small trout!

Then he caught another one. So I pitched out, away from where he just went and my float went down, and his float went down.....double header!
"I guess today it doesn't matter if we're early on the spot", I said.

It was dark, gloomy, cold, and windy.....but really wasn't all that bad. Which was funny....
I've been out catching ZERO, with 4 people on board all starring at me like it was my fault, on days 10 times worse.

We continued catching, and threw 2 or 3 decent fish up to 18" in the fish box. But it was evident as all hell, the fish were coming in small schools into the area. We'd get bit, then it would lay off for awhile, then they'd bite again. No Reds, No Drum. Just Trout. I didn't take any photo's because I really need to protect this little gem of a spot. Incoming high tide areas, real close, are hard to come by.
Here's a rogue Trout that tried to eat Dave's arm while he was fishing.....hahahahah.

The bites really faded, we played with all the Trout we wanted here, so we moved on. And eventually ended up back in the Mayport area hitting a few spots, picking a Trout here and there.

Then, we hit the jetties......"what's that? Is that the sun? Oh it is, I feel it's undeniable warmth and comfort". And right then our day got alot better!

And we also hit a spot where a few larger fish were caught, up to 22 inchers.

It sure did feel good to go out of January with a bang. Now let's see what the first week of March will be like, when my favorite speckley bastards come back into season. I can tell ya that usually it's blowin like all hell and raining. And people like myself and DOA Rob are going nuts, wanting to get back on the bite, and get ready for the big run of spring spawners.
Yeah, we're a different crowd. Most fisherman in these parts fish for Sheepshead. Which brings me to a story..... ya know Sheepshead aren't very well respected in the Gulf Of Mexico states, and especially Texas, "home of whopper sized Trout". So I was doing my moderation duties the other day on and a new member from Texas said, he was into tailing Reds in the shallows, and I asked about the Texas Trout. He replied I also catch some Sheepshead, and keep them for Shark bait. Sitting at my computer reading that comment, I busted out laughing! I thought to myself, "Yep, this fella's a Texan all right."
I replied back to him, that King Mackerel in the summer, and Sheepshead in the winter are KINGS around here.
I like 'em all........but I "love" my BIG SPECKLED TROUT!

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