Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GATORS.....who will catch in 2009?

"Gator" Trout make my world go round....So I sit here wondering what 2009 will bring, and who will catch a "Gator".

So let's define. In today's world, I refer to a "Gator" Speckled Trout as a fish 5 pounds and over. Doesn't seem like a big deal or a big fish..."but do you know how many have been lost at the side of my boat, 5 pounds and larger?" "Or how tough it can be to catch them 5 pounds or better?"

WHY? Because they are a different fish than those 15 inchers. They act different, ya might even say they have an attitude. And ya' better not start yankin and crankin on a big Trout, because that's right when you'll loose her. Immediate identification needs to be made, that it's a large trout, especially if we're sitting there wackin the smaller ones and the next fish is the one we're looking for. Yeah you can pull on those lil' ones all you want, rip their lips, let them shake their heads and "palm beach release" those perfect eaters. But don't do it, when all of a sudden the water erupts and you see a head shaking fish on the surface.

I fished long and hard for my first 10 pound class trout, and only caught her after a catching a 3 pounder first, a 5 pounder second, then she bit!

I look back and the 5 pounders are not all that tough to catch for clients. It's the 6, 7, 8, pound Specks that are tough to come by.

But we've had our fair share. Here's a few that are etched into my mind.

Here's a almost 7 pounder that I caught with Kirk M. right after he said, "Dave cast over there, they're right over there!!" What a difference the weather can make, this fish was caught 1/8/08.
Jan. 8th this year was way different!

The next "Gator" of 2008 that sticks in my mind is this one that Jeff caught behind the surf on an early 4/4/08 trip on a slick calm day, it went almost 6 pounds, although it was a long and lean, fish.

This boy qualifies! The next day 4/5/08 it was also beautiful and I can't remember which one was 5 pounds, the Yellowmouth trout or the speck. But both fish and the angler are worth posting!

You may recognize this one from on my home page.....The reason I used it was, "it's a perfect photo", (if I do say so myself). Father and daughter, and a 6 pound May caught Gator Trout.
I'm not sure these folks even know they are on my front and center web page.

I could go on and on with photo's and days that I'll always remember. If I missed you and your Gator Trout, it's because there is so many.

The point is that "this is what I was sitting around thinking about"...yeah, I'm ate up with it.

But do you know that with all the stuff going on in the St. Johns River these days that we still have some really great Trout fishing compared to other places, like areas of Georgia. Yeah, I've recieved e-mails from fellow trout freaks, that a big one for them is a 3 pounder. I won't mention who, or where. But I was surprised. Less population, no shipping, no ports, no navy, and no big Trout??? Hmmm?

We might even have heavier Redbass too? But, big Reds have no secret's. Everyone catches them. Maybe that's the reason "Gator" Speckled Trout, always keep me coming back for more.

They have secrets, and they always keep me guessing. And while were out there, we can catch Redbass too.

Here's to 2009......"this is your Gator jumping", better keep that rod low. Don't wanna let her get off the hook!

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