Monday, February 9, 2009

2/09 - Short report

Well, Nick & I went and hit it today. Poor Nick was seriously under the weather with some stomach thing going on that has plagued him for weeks on and off. And he really shouldn't have gone out with me for just R&D. But I guess it's better than sit on his butt at home. A bit of vitamin "D", may have helped him.

So we went to the jetties. I wasn't expecting alot.

We could hardly give away a shrimp at first. I knew it would probably be another day of "release fishing", due to catching Trout and probably not much else. (Trout are closed in Feb) Not much was going on, because boats were moving about, crowding around The Early Times boat as they were Ring-tail Porgie fishing, and were the only ones actually catching something.

So we kept moving on. And finally found some eager Trout, and caught a few. So we casted away from them, and then caught nothing at all! While working some rocks along a bank, hoping for a Sheepshead or pup Redbass.

Our next spot, both of our floats were side by side heading out behind the boat. Nick's float went down, and he says, "Oh it's just a stupid fish." And he pulled "what ever" toward the boat.

Then, "what ever" woke up...and his drag on his mini Calcutta reel started to spin.

I said, "I'd sure like a stupid fish like that!!"

That's when we knew it was a Redbass.

The fish was a 29-1/2 incher.
But wasn't the Red we all know and love in the spring or fall. The fish gave up easily.

Next spot, now the tide had died out, and I caught another Trout. The banks were really showing again. So we packed it in and headed back.

Tuesday: I'm heading to Guana Lake for my first Kayak fishing trip with buddy D.O.A. Rob. He has a large roomy yak, he's gonna let me try out.

Yeah, I'm taking my float rod and a bucket of live shrimp. So this ought to be fun, if not very enlightening. I need to see how the other half lives.

The other half that sits on the water in a pointy plastic bucket.

Hopefully photo's of fish will be had afterwards.

And I hope I remain DRY.

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