Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/24 - JUST 4 MORE DAYS....

Had the pleasure of having Chris, Chris and Mike on board today, from Virginia.
It was C-O-L-D.
It was W-I-N-D-Y.
But that didn't stop this crew.
We left out at 7:30am, because I wanted to get on out there before the wind was too strong. The forecast was for 15 knots out of the North East. So we should get a lot of fishing under our belts before it really started blowing in the afternoon.

The tide was high at 8:30 so I went straight to the best high water winter spot I have. And the action was really slow. But I have learned not to give up quickly, because as the current changes things happen.....but not today.

The guys caught a few Trout, and a few small "pup" Redfish, after working the area really thoroughly.

So we moved on, as soon as the tide turned.
I headed to a great spot, not far away.
And here's where we found the "nest".

A nest of Trout that had me releasing each one saying, "I'll be back, on March 1st, in 4 days!"

Ya know, you can do a lot of reading about how larger trout don't hang with smaller Trout, the old birds of a feather, flock together theory. Well, obviously that doesn't count when the water's 55 degrees. Because the guys caught trout from skinny 14 incher's to fat 20" fish.

I anchored up on my standard position and the guys began drifting their floats off behind the boat. And hooking fish anywhere from 75 to over 100 feet behind us.

And what is the standard rule for this situation? I can answer that....."if you make a move to get closer to them, the fish in turn, move usually further away" ....it's a viscous cycle of cat and mouse.

So I usually stay put. But they were hooking a trout about every other drift through the area way behind the boat, and loosing some. So after awhile, I pulled anchor and as "silently" as I could, drifted back closer and let the anchor over the side. And instantly one of the Chris' hung into another trout. Looks like the Cat won this move.

As the tide got lower and lower, I told the guys "see that...the rule of thumb on this spot is when the water comes out of the marsh grass, it's game on."

And more and more Trout, a pup Redfish or two and even a flounder came off the spot, and now they didn't have to drift their floats so far back, either.

It looks all nice and cozy in these photo's. But we had a wind break where we were. And believe me it would have felt like a different day indeed, if the sun wasn't out with a practically cloudless sky.

I don't mind the cold or the wind, when there's a bright sky and lots of Florida sunshine. It can make a big difference.

Oh, each time the guys hooked a 20 inch Trout, I reminded them that I'll be out here Sunday, March 1st when the Speckled trout re-opens for harvest....and I'll be celebrating with a fish fry.

Two days ago, I just ran out of the fillets I stock piled in December and January. I eat fish at least one way or another about 4 times a week. I don't usually keep Redfish, or Sheepshead for myself.

So that leaves Trout, Flounder, Black Drum and Whiting for my table. Because they are my favorites.

My $50 (for two anglers only) discount for Sunday March 1st (Trout reopening) is still available.
The weather looks to be warm, and departure is around 11:00am. No need for "crack o' dawn" pulling away from the dock.
I'll be out breaking in my new Biscayne float-rig designed rods. Half the fun is using top quality tackle, while hunting big fatties.

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