Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm gonna post this now, for all to see.
I'm heading to the Miami Boat show Feb 14-15th, come back and have a charter on the 16th.

Why do I say this? Because every year I head down there, I get calls from "late callers" who want to book a charter at the last minute, because it's Valentines Day weekend. I loose $, but at the same time I need some advanced notice folks...It's the only time I ever leave J-ville all year long.

It's my birthday too, so we usually try and get the heck out of this burning cold, and go to the warmth like a "Florida snow bird".

This year will be special though, it's the debut of the ROCKSALT 34 and I'm sure will be the only welded alloy plate trailer boat at the whole boat show!!

I know the President of RockSalt, he's also the rep for my boat, the BlackLab Marine boats.

Can't wait to sit and watch all the "gold chain wearing, Miami go fast, crowd" come up and "knock" on the side of the RockSalt, like everyone just has to do, to my boat. Everyone just has to knock on them?

I posted pics of the Rock Salt 34 here before. It's one bad azz boat 1/4" thick solid as hell aluminum alloy plate, that does 60+ MPH.

http://www.rocksaltboats.com/ - Fishing & Military

That's not "gray" paint, that textured alloy!

*watch out, Contender, and Fountain.

Plus, I get to chit-chat with the guys from Biscayne rods, who are building all my specialized "Float-rig" rods.

These are the best rods I have ever used for float-rig fishing, period. I have used many brands in the past and all have worked, but these are "perfect". Eddie Carman of Biscayne really did his homeowork for me. From a 2 pound Trout to a 20 pound Redbass, they are great...it's all about NOT pulling the small hooks I use, or breaking the light leader.
Old school Fiberglass....new age technology mixed together. Low profile-high speed reels, floats that weigh nearly nothing, super braid line that "floats" on the water, .....oh how I dig a combo like this!!


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