Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/15 - calm & cold after the storm

Ended up rescheduling the 14th, because of the obvious 70 MPH winds that hammered the area Tuesday. Spent a good part of the day helping to cut up giant tree limbs that fell in my parents yard.

So Wednesday the 15th at 7am was a whole new set of weather. It was down right C-O-L-D out on the river. Met Keith E. his girlfriend and his mom visiting from Minnesota at 7:30AM.

We had the last few hours of the falling tide to work with so we ran up river. With plans of the jetties later in the day.

The spot only produced one good Speck, and Keith caught it (I think) on his first drift of his float-rig. A nice 20 incher.

Just on Monday afternoon, the same spot yielded many break-offs and big fish hook-ups for Bob and I, with a 4 pound Trout and a 28" Redfish that came to the boat on the same tide.
But today was also the Ladyfish arrival day for me. Day 1 of Ladyfish catching. As if they sneak in under the cover of darkness, all in one day.

But that's okay, Keith's Mom caught the first one, along with a big Jack that kicked her butt pretty bad. She said to me, "this is alot different that Mil lac's fishing, back home." And she was right.
We stayed till the tide slowed, hoping to get a big Redfish or more Trout, till it was time to head toward the jetties.

The jetties haven't been big time Speckled Trout lately. But the large Yellowmouth Trout fishing has been through the roof. And Keith's mom was gonna love this.

So we got on them rather quickly, and started filling the cooler full with nice ones. Great fun, and so much ACTION, it's incredible.

No one goes with out bites, and catching fish.

And in between the yellers, we picked up some small Speckled Trout, Jacks, and a Ladyfish or two. But did manage to box a few more keeper Specks. No Sheepshead or Reds for us though.
The action was very consistant, and lots of fun.

Keith's mom was having a ball, as she sat on one of my livewells in the stern of the boat. At one point she was leaning back on a fish and reeling and almost fell completely backwards off the livewell, she was so into it. I was right behind her, and caught her as she fought the fish. As if it was an "ole man of the sea" battle.

As you can see, it finally warmed up for us, heck it is Florida and mid April and should be warm anyhow. The forecast was actually a bit wrong.

They called for 15 knots, and as we sat at the jetties wackin them, the ocean was slick calm and it warmed up nicely.

The water was a bit stirred up, naturally it should have after belly washer rain storms and 65 MPH winds in the last few days.

Talk about a transitional time of year!

I have fished through or around some wacky weather so far this month.

The goal is to book as many trips as I can, and if I can get out 2/3rds of them, I really doing good!

I've rescheduled trips all the way back from January till now, and then have moved a few all the way forward till July,
when the folks can come
back to J-ville again.

It's the nature of the beast. But the fishing is worth it.

Coming up next week is some great morning tides.
And I have some days open.

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