Friday, April 17, 2009

4/17 - Mo' Wind......

Had a call yesterday for a possible Friday trip.

But it was obvious that the weather was not taken into account. All I have to do is step out side and I can tell if we "could" fish or not........and yesterday and today seems like a "not" to me!

I told the person, who had a 5 year old coming. "Saturday, and Sunday is what you may want to think about."

I suppose I'm also the weather-man, too.

I'll reiterate where and what I look at when it comes to the forecast:

I don't care what the land-lubber forecast says. We're not fishing on the west side of Jacksonville in a Walmart Parking lot.

I can easily remember a year very similar to this spring, where it blew hard for what seemed like forever. Due East winds in the spring months literally had me towing the boat to ramps such as the Arlington Rd. and Lions Club University Blvd. Boat Ramps, where the river goes basically north and south versus East and West compared to the Mayport area. Just so I could get a bit of shelter.

I looked back into my log books this morning and also saw that the GATOR Trout bite isn't or hasn't yet been as strong for me in the same places as it was in 2006 & 2007.
But I'm optimistic.


This is why I'm adding a "follow the fish" 8 hr Deluxe, trip to the selection of charters.

The jetties can be good.....and they can also be way off. Following the fish means heading up river, where more fuel is used, there's a bit more travel time, and more bait is consumed by Jacks, Mangrove Snappers, and Ladyfish. This is what I do during the summer and spring. And covers you no matter if we are off the bars at Nassau Sound chumming Tarpon, or at the Mathews Bridge float-rig fishing for Gator Trout, after departing from Mayport.

Each year has it's set of it's own circumstances & patterns.

I'm ready any time, for no wind and full fish boxes.

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