Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/22 - Workin' hard in big wind

Had Ben and his visiting brother Ian on board today. When I got to the boat ramp, it was really blowing already at 7am.

So I took my compulsory photo of the flag at the marina next door standing at attention.

The guys arrived and we departed around 8:15am.
No Jetties!!! I wasn't going there in this wind and tide. I was there on the 21st doing some R&D by myself, and it sucked on the Trout front. The water looked like sand. Just the wrong tide for seeking GATORS.

So we turned Westward. The tide was high and just starting to fall.

1st spot: I taught the guys all about Float-rig fishing since they had never fished like this before. And they picked up on it right away and were doing good.
Between the bait stealing 4" Mangrove "VERMIN" Snappers, they hung 2 big fish, but they got off on the way to the boat. I knew the tide at this time was not optimum, but the spot was worth sitting out for awhile. I even tried my hand at it and came up with no good bites. So not long after we moved on.

Maybe it was the 20 knot, very stiff westerly wind, but we tried two other spots and Ian was the only one to catch a fish. A small 12" Sheepshead. We never even caught the regulars; Ladyfish, Jacks or Bluefish.

Hmmmm, somethings really wacko. We just fished the "TOP SPOTS" in my Trout file!
Not under the perfect tide, or conditions, by any means, but usually we get bit by something.

We kept moving, while the brothers were perfecting their float-rigging skills. And getting the hang of it quite well.

I had about 3 more areas I would hit. But after I pulled up and anchored on the next spot, we never needed to move the rest of the windy afternoon. We found them!

FIRST TROUT: A pot bellied Female.

This fish hit the live river cricket like it was it's last meal (It was!) ripping drag out and pulling hard against the tide.

We found them. And it also coincided with the tide getting much lower. But we were lucky that the wind was helping blow our float-rigs right into the area they fish were.
And although we did have a few Ladyfish, Jack and Bluefish, believe it or not they left our baits alone for the most part.

It was really weird. But of course the VERMIN Mangroves were still present. But the guys just
couldn't hook one.

I usually get a few small Reds on this spot too, and maybe a Sheepshead or two. But nothing about the whipping wind was making the area perfect.

But after lots of fishing...we were really glad to be catching quality Trout.

The longer we stayed the harder the wind blew as the afternoon wore on.

As many keeper fish as we had we also had throwbacks. And at one point it was drift your float 100 feet, look away, look back and it was gone on every single drift.

Ian said, "Ya' have to look away when you get 100 feet out." as he looked at me! He then looked back and said, "SEE" , as he set the hook on yet another Trout. It worked, for sure.

That's the thing about my J-O-B; I never know what's going to happen after I leave the dock. Each day is completely different. And sometimes it's just plain Bizarro World, out there!

But what makes it great is the PEOPLE. Ya' get used to the challenges, and just expect them.

When the tide finally slacked off, we were fishing in whitewater. With the wind waves foaming the surface of the river. I think the warmth I felt was just, wind burn!

It turned out to be a good day. A bit challenging finding them. But Ben & Ian, had a great time and a big bag of fish fry for tonight.

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